BitLife: List of all ribbons and how to get them, page 2: Christmas 2018 update

There have been 13 more ribbons added to the game for Christmas (and four more with additional updates), for a total of 29 ribbons now! We’ve discovered all of them, and after reading this, you will also easily discover them!

Addict: this new badge is very easy to get. Simply get a drug or alcohol addiction, and don’t go to rehab. You can pick up an addiction by trying whatever is offered to you. Or go to the club a ton, or try gambling a ton. Then never go to rehab until you die. Dying of an overdose certainly helps.
Cunning: Escape from prison, and don’t get caught again for the rest of your life. Easiest way to do this is to emigrate, but having a sex change can help too. And don’t have enough money or live old enough to be Successful, Rich, or Geriatric.

Deadly: To get the Deadly ribbon, kill more than one other person over the course of your life. The easiest way to successfully commit a murder is to target a stranger, not family or friends. You’ll usually get a life sentence; if you do, escape and then commit another murder. And repeat as necessary.
Family Guy: UPDATE 2: See the third ribbon guide page.
Famous: Spend as much of your life as possible in the entertainment industry as an actor or as a porn star. Post a lot on social media and have a lot of followers. Don’t have too much money by the end of your life or the Rich or Loaded ribbon could overtake this. So blow money on either gambling or super expensive cars to reduce your assets (not houses, since those gain value). To keep an acting job keep your looks as high as absolutely possible so you don’t get fired.

Geriatric: Live a very long life, 120 years old should do it. Do the mind and body stuff constantly, meditate, keep you health and happiness above 100% always. Don’t do anything risky like have plastic surgery or visit the witch doc. Reduce your assets by gambling or buying expensive cars if you need to to avoid the Rich or Loaded ribbons.
Globetrotter: Go on vacation to many different countries to get this one. Or emigrate multiple times. Or, ideally, do both to ensure that you get this one. Countries are the only thing that matter, not city. You’ll need to get a lot of money to do this, but you can’t be too rich or you’ll get Rich or Loaded, instead.
Highroller: Be successful at gambling to get this one. Bet big sums of money, win big sums of money. Then bet even bigger sums of money. A gambling addiction makes no difference as to whether you earn this one or not. Die with less than 5 million to avoid getting the “rich” ribbon instead.

Houdini: To get this one, first get thrown in jail a lot. Then every time that you get locked up, escape from jail to get this one. Getting caught after escape has no effect on this one way or the other, unlike with Cunning.
Jailbird: Another new ribbon that requires you to live the rough life. Spend a lot of time in prison, and (to get this ribbon for sure), die in prison! Easiest way to get this instead of Scandalous is to get locked up for non-murder crimes.
Rowdy: Throw a lot of house parties, go to the club all the time, and get into arguments with people whenever you get the chance. Don’t get physical with them, just argue. Accept every drug or alcoholic drink that’s offered to you, but if you get addicted, go to rehab to break the addiction and don’t die addicted.

Stupid: Finish a life with as little smarts as possible. Never study, go to the library, or do anything else to get smarter. Drop out of school. Make dumb decisions, such as not using a condom during a hookup. Make the absolute dumbest possible decision in every way possible, but nothing that gets you thrown in jail.
Successful: This one lies somewhere in between Mediocre and Rich. To be successful, get a good job, raise a good family, etc. Be stable, well-off-but-not-super-rich, and don’t go to jail. Get a nice car and nice house. Be stable. Don’t finish the game with over 1 million dollars or less than $500k dollars. Don’t make your money from the casino or lottery.

Teammate: First, you need to have a character in either Tucson or Miami, USA (the two cities where BitLife’s creator, CandyWriter, are located). Get a job as a mobile app developer, which means get a degree in computer science first (having high smarts helps). This makes you a “teammate” of the developers. Make mobile app development your career for your whole life.
Wicked: To get this one, first, get an STD, then don’t get treated, but instead give STDs to lots of other people. You can do this via hookups, kissing, dating, threesomes, etc.

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