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Once you get to a certain point in a relationship with your spouse or partner (usually – sometimes babies come via short-term relationships or hookups), you or your partner will end up pregnant.

Have the baby and there won’t be a whole lot to do at first regarding the child. You can either abandon the kid, place it up for adoption, or keep it and spend time with it.

You can spend time with your kid from the day of its birth on, and the results will sometimes be hilarious (taking a newborn snowboarding or to the bar, for instance).

From then on, your relationship with your kid will grow and change, or shrink due to neglect over time.

The simple solution to this is to simply spend time with your kid once per year. Take them to the movies, as well, and their relationship with you will grow.

With neglect its possible for a kid’s relationship with you to drop to zero or close to zero and from that point on, it’s almost not recoverable.

If your kid’s relationship drops to zero, there are a few last-ditch efforts that you can make. Watch their relationship bar year after year; sometimes a little bit gets added to the bar for no reason; use this chance to try to spend time with them.

It will fail most of the time, but when it succeeds, you’re on the easy path to a good relationship.

If they have a kid themselves, spend time with the grandkid a lot and the kid’s relationship stands a chance of improve with you.

With the most recent update to the game comes a whole host of changes. Included here is a higher likelihood that your spouse will want to divorce you at any point, or that your partner will want to break up with you at any point.

So work harder at keeping the relationship strong in order to prevent that. If a breakup does happen, begging sometimes works to make them come back, but none of the other options work, and assaulting or insulting them can lead to bad karma and extreme negative consequences overall.

Another recent addition is that when your kids get to college age, they’ll often ask you to pay their tuition.

Keep enough money around that you can do so – it’s usually between 15,000 and 60,000 dollars.

And college age will differ based on what country you were born in. For example, in Egypt it will be 16, and in the USA it will be 18.

Addictions can ruin the relationship with your spouse and kids, just like in real life (of course), so deal with addictions right away.

Not only can you be addicted to alcohol and drugs, but you can also be addicted to gambling with the new update, too. So if you get addicted to something, got to rehab right away, and never use it again.

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