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BitLife: Mafia Guide – How To Become a Godfather and Mob Boss

BitLife is a long running game for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to be anything that you want to be, whether that’s for good or for bad. You can be an upstanding citizen with a solid career, or you can spend the rest of your life being a crook and committing crimes.

Now, for the first time, though, you can be a crook and commit crimes and have your own solid career tailored to those very actions. Now you can be a member of the mafia with the Bitlife mafia update.

Read on for a full guide to the ins and outs of the mafia update in BitLife!

To join the mafia, first, you have to be a minimum of 18 years old; however, you can start preparing for your career in the mob well before you turn 18. Start committing crimes as soon as you can; the longer your rap sheet, the more likely it is that one of the mafia as well except you into their ranks when you try to join.

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Bank robberies are some of the best crimes for increasing your criminal reputation. Pickpocketing is another great crime, because you can start when you are a kid, and continue to do so throughout your teenage years.

You also want to try to keep out of jail, because the more that you get caught and thrown in jail, the last time that you will be able to spend committing crimes. However, if you do get thrown in jail, you can always try to escape, which will give you time to commit more crimes.

After you graduate high school and turn 18 years old, you will be able to join one of six crime families. You can join the mafia, the Russian mafia, the Irish mob, the triad, the yakuza, or the Latin Mafia.

Once you get accepted into a crime family, you will start off as a low level associate with a low rank, and you will have to work your way up the ranks. This means continuing on with your life of crime. Work harder at your job and keep committing crimes, and your reputation will increase, leading you to get promoted.

You can get promoted to soldier, captain, underboss, and boss. Boss is currently the highest rank in the mafia right now, no matter which crime family you choose to join. Once you become the boss, then you have the money and the power.

To increase your chances of getting promoted, your best bet is not to ask for a promotion, just let your work stand out to the boss. Also, you have 100% of what you earn from each contract to the boss. You might not make a lot of money this way, but you will get promoted sooner, and when you get promoted, that’s when the real money comes in.

Right now, there are no other options available after you become the boss of your mafia. Those could be added later on in the game, though, as new features are always added for each game mode. Maybe in the future, you will be able to start or participate in a war between rival mafias!


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