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BitLife: Maximum Security Prison Escape Guide and Maps (COMPLETE)

BitLife: Life Simulator started off with one single type of prison that you can escape from. Now you have a second type of prison too, and that is the Maximum Security Prison. This brings with it some maps that are FAR tougher than the standard prison maps, such as the old 4×4 and 5×6 that you’re used to.

Instead, if you are locked up in a maximum security prison, you have to deal with some huge maps. You have at least three different 8×8 maps that you can try to escape from, as well as an 8×7 map. Due to the size of these maps, these are far more difficult to escape from than the original maps.

Read on for a guide to escaping the Maximum Security Prisons in BitLife: Life Simulator!

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An introduction to Maximum Security Prison

First, something to remember with the hardcore maximum security prisons. Just like the minimum and medium, the maximum security prison has the same rules as the others. If the guard can move horizontally instead of vertically the first time, they will. So use that knowledge to trap the guard and try to escape.

Also, with the following maps, take note that each map often appears rotated 180°. So that makes it seem like there are more than seven maximum security maps, but a full half of those maps are simply a flipped version of the maps in one of the videos below.

How do you get thrown into maximum security prison? The most likely way is by committing a serious crime. Ending someone else’s life (or attempting to end someone else’s life) is the primary way to get thrown into max security. Minimum and medium security prisons are for misdemeanors and less-serious offenses.

There are some things that are different about the maximum security prisons, and some that are the same. The prison riot game is the same as it is on the other ones, for example. So are appealing the sentence, prison jobs, and more.

But in the social aspects of being in prison, the maximum security is far rougher. Minimum security prisons have no gangs to speak of. Medium and maximum security prisons are loaded with gangs, some of which are far more ridiculous than others.

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Additionally, simply socializing with other prisoners in the prison yard can be a far riskier business. It’s risky in minimum and medium security prisons anyways, but it’s far, far riskier in maximum security prisons. Even just giving a compliment to a prisoner in the maximum security areas is a rough proposition. They might come after you even if you compliment them .

Of course, the escape routes are far, far tougher for the maximum security prisons than they are for the other two types of prisons. The original 14 prison maps (which can be found in this link) range from easy to escape from, to a little bit difficult. The seven new maximum-security escape maps, which are in this article, all are extremely hard to figure out, and far larger than the original maps.

What to do if you get thrown into a medium or minimum security prison

Most of the time when you commit a crime, you well be thrown into a minimum or medium security prison. This is generally reserved for minor crimes, of course, but sometimes you can even commit a very serious crime and get locked up into medium security prison.

There are 14 maps for the medium and minimum security prisons. They are all far easier to beat compared it to the maximum security ones, but many of them can still be extremely difficult. Click here for a full list of guides and maps for the medium and at minimum security prisons in BitLife.

With that out of the way, here are the maximum security prison maps, along with videos that show instructions on how to get past all of them. Copy the moves that you see in these videos to escape from the given prisons.

8×8 number one

As follows, here is the first-ever 8×8 prison map to which an exit has been discovered.

As you can see, escaping from a maximum security prison is a FAR more daunting task than escaping from a minimum or a medium security prison. There are far more nooks and crannies, and far more ways that the officer can take you down.

But of course, it is still possible to trap the officer. It just takes more time, as evidenced in this video. We recommend that you load this video on a desktop computer or a tablet, while you’re playing BitLife on your phone, so that you can watch the video as you try to play through this one.

8×8 number two

Here is another one of the 8×8 formats from the maximum security prisons.

As we can see, this one is still extremely difficult to beat; however, this one seems to be a bit easier than the first one. The key is still to trap the guard in a corner. Take advantage of the fact that the guard moves horizontally first when able. Watch the video while playing this level so that you can copy the movements.

Generally, with the maximum security prison‘s, you are going to half to mentally map out the route that you want to take. Work backwards by first figuring out what corder guard could be trapped in for you to exit safely. Then work on figuring out a way to get the guard into that final corner.

8×8 number three

This is one of the tougher 8×8 prison maps to beat.

Compared to the two up above, there seems to be a lot of running around to do in this one. You have to keep finding new corners to trap the guard behind in order to succeed and get the guard off of your back.

The main key is to avoid the “plus sign” shaped walls near the entrance. Don’t let the guard get in there or you are done. Instead, run him around until you get him to the wall that blocks him from being able to chase you to the entrance.

8×8 map number four

This one has an exit in a completely different position than the the previous maps. It’s in the middle of the wall rather than the corners of the wall. That gives you a lot more wiggle room to work with.

You have to do a lot of running around the outside of the level in order to make it out of the prison map. Keep trapping the guard in a corner, then move him to another corner, then another one, and so on and so forth.

8×8 Map Number Five

The key here, as with many other of the prison maps, is to work backwards. Think about where you need to trap the guard to make it to the exit, then think about how to get the guard into the final trap.

Sometimes the edges of the prison are not the safest bet, as is the case here. The reason is that the vertical walls have to be avoided. Because the guard always makes a horizontal first move, horizontal walls are necessary in order to block off the guard. Vertical walls offer you almost no protection unless you are far enough down the middle of the wall to block out the guard from the get go.

8×8 Map Number 6

This might be the hardest map in the entire Maximum Security Prison game to escape from, simply because there is no obvious horizontal wall to trap the guard behind. So even just attempting to pre-plan the route feels fruitless most of the time. However, the key here is to trap the guard behind that vertical wall on the opposite side of the level from the exit.

There is literally no other way to do it, and the moves in this video have to be followed EXACTLY in order to get the guard to go where you want him to, and you’ll still be escaping by the skin of your teeth, by only one square.

8×7 Map

Despite being the smallest of the maximum security maps, this is in the top 2 for toughest maps (along with the previous one) for the same reason – there is no safe enclosure in which to trap the guard, so you have to figure out a different plan.

With this one, the first two traps are fairly obvious. The next one, not so much. You have to follow these exact moves to get the guard behind the far wall, so that you can stay just one square ahead of the guard and escape.

Be sure to check back here whenever a prison update is released in BitLife. We are/were the first in the world to discover all seven of the Maximum Security Maps; most likely, we’ll be the first to discover the next ones, too!


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