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BitLife: Royalty and Respect Guide – How To Become King, Queen, Emperor, or Empress

The royalty update is one of the most hotly anticipated updates for Bitlife, and for good reason; who doesn’t want to be born into the royal family of some country or another? Luckily, the developers of this game go all the way when they add an update, and the royalty update is an extremely detailed, full featured update.

You can become a King or a Queen, and Emperor or Empress, or even have another lower Royal title, such as a Baron or Viscount. You even have the possibility of becoming a monarch of a country even if you start the game as a commoner, a prince or princess, or some lower rank of royalty.

Read on for a full guide on how to become royalty, what to do as a member of the royal family, what countries that you can be a royal family member in, and more in BitLife!

To be a member of the royal family, you have to be born into the role. To be born as a royal, you have to be born in a country where there is a royal family, such as the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Japan, or the UAE. Of course, you can go to Meghan Markle route, and marry a member of the royal family, but this is hard to pull off.

If you do not have god mode in bit life, then the chances of being born as a royal are completely random, so your best chance is to customize your country and then hope that you get born as a royal. If you do have god mode, then you can choose to be a member of the royal family, and you can choose your rank, to some degree.

You can be born with the title of Prince, Princess, Viscount, Baron, and a couple of others. However you cannot choose to be born as a king, queen, emperor, or empress. You can still randomly be born as a monarch, or you can be promoted to the top position from a different royal position.

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If you are a prince or princess, then your chances of becoming the monarch of your particular country are decent. If you are any lower royal title, though, then your chances of becoming a monarch are slim to none, no matter how high your respect meter is.

Your respect meter will either rise or fall depending on how good of a job you are doing as a royal. If you are doing a good job and making smart decisions, then the peoples respect for you will go up, maxing out at 100%. If they’re respect for you drops to zero or below, all sorts of bad things can happen, which we will get into you, such as being overthrown or executed.

If you are in any sort of royal position, then you will receive a royal salary every year, meaning that you won’t have to work unless you want to. The higher your royal position, the more money you will earn.

People love their toyals, so you will find it much easier to load up on social media followers. The higher that you are as a royal, though, it will also be easier to lose followers with a particular post, so you will have to be careful how often you post, or maybe even don’t post at all.

As a royal, you will have a number of new options under the activities menu. These options are Abdicate, Celebrity, Execute, Honorific, Law Review, Public Disservice, and Public Service. all of these can contribute to your respect bar to some degree, except for abdicate, which will see you lose your royal position entirely.

Public service and public disservice are the two activities that will affect your respect the most. Choose either one of them in a random scenario will play out, with your respect bar rising or falling consequently. The one that you pick most frequently should depend on what your goal is, whether it’s to be overthrown or to be a great king or queen.

The celebrity option lets you choose a celebrity to hang out with, and an activity to do with them. This does not affect your respect very much either way, but it does increase your happiness, especially if you have a good time with the celebrity. This is similar to hanging out with friends as a commoner.

The law review option lets you review a law and vote either yay or nay on it. Common sense will be the driving force here, but most laws will not affect your respect much whether you vote for or against them. The one exception is outlawing acting “boomerish” which will greatly increase your respect if you support it, and greatly decrease your respect if you are against it.

The abdicate option lets you give up your royal title, which will allow you to move to another country if you so choose to, or simply to live the life of a commoner if you are sick of being a royal. The honorific option will allow you to choose the title that the people call you, such as your highness or your majesty.

If your respect drops to zero, then eventually, you are probably going to get overthrown, although not immediately. You can choose to either except your fate or to fight back. Excepting your feet increases your chances of being allowed to live in your country still, and not being exiled.

There’s also the possibility that the people execute you if you are extremely hated as a royal, although it is extremely, extremely hard to get the people to hate you so much that they do this.

On the other side of the coin, if you are a lower royale, especially a prince or a princess, and you can maintain 100% respect for years, then your chances of inheriting the throne will greatly increase throughout your lifetime.


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