BitLife: Schools Guide and List – How to get into and graduate from any school

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BitLife offers you the chance to go to all kinds of colleges and universities.

You can get anything from undergraduate, graduate, business, medical, dental, law degrees, and more, but first, you actually have to get into the school, which is the toughest part.

Read on for a guide on how to get into and graduate from any school in BitLife!

Some schools are tougher to qualify for, while others aren’t. The toughest is law school.

You have to be born smart and continue to build your intelligence as you go to school by studying, going to the library, and doing other intelligence-boosting activities.

Then, for your undergrad school, pick a more “scholastic” subject. Go for something like English, Political Science, or History, and ignore stuff like Dance, Information Technology, or Mathematics.

If you don’t see your major immediately, ignore university and apply a year or two later and it might show up.

Medical School comes in many forms, but the qualifications tend to be similar. First, you have to be intelligent again. Your undergrad degree requirements will be far different than the ones for Law School.

You’ll want to go for something scientific here, like Biology or Chemistry. Nursing, surprisingly, won’t work as well.

Other majors, such as Psychology, will also get you in, but when you graduate, you’ll qualify for different jobs than you would have with a scientific undergrad major.

Dental School, Pharmaceutical School, and Veterinary School are almost exactly the same as Medical School as far as qualifications. Be intelligent, of course.

Go for the scientific degrees for undergrad, but unlike with Medical School, Psychology degrees and other neuroscience degrees will get you nowhere.

Nursing School is easiest to get into with a nursing degree (obviously), but you should also be able to get into it with similar degrees to what the Medical Schools require, such as science degrees.

Intelligence is not quite as big of a qualifier in this one; moderate intelligence should still be considered the minimum requirement, though.

Business School can make you the CEO of a company eventually, but the requirements are surprisingly not that strict. You don’t have to be super intelligent.

You should go to undergrad school with a degree that either relates to business, or a mathematical type of degree.

This is a quick school to get through; the real challenge comes in finding the right company and dedicating yourself to it until you get a promotion or qualify for a better executive job.

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Graduate School is essentially an extension of the degree that you got when you went undergrad, so if you have a more four-year centric degree, such as Information Technology, then follow it up by going to Grad School.

Typically, the requirements are not too strict; just go for and achieve your undergraduate degree and then try to apply.

So how do you graduate? Typically, it’s pretty easy to do, but study harder every year that you can, and continue to do that which builds your intelligence, like going to the library.

Do other self-care rituals like meditation and going to the gym, as not only do they build your physical health, but they also build your mental health. Don’t do anything stupid like try drugs or engage in crime. Graduation will come quick this way.

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