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Brain Boom: All 199+ Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Stages (Including Park Bonus Levels)

Brain Boom is a new trick question game for the iOS and Android platforms with a twist. Not only do you get to solve trick question puzzles, but you also get to grow plants.

The questions will make you solve math problems and riddles, she can flip your phone, and think outside of the box. Keys can be used for hints, and by growing plants, you can earn keys without having to watch add videos. But we still have all the answers in this article.

Read on for all of the answers for every level in question in Brain Boom!

(NOTE: If you get the error accessing the internet, switch in and out of airplane mode, or reset your router, or reboot your phone or tablet and then try to load the game again.)

Also: if the answers are out of order, then the game has been updated and questions rearranged since the guide was written. Control+F the question and you’ll find the answer.

Level 1: Watch the shapes closely. The pentagon is the shape that moves secretly.

Level 2: where is the chicken? It’s underneath the hand.

Level 3: The Duck is on the left half of the chicken group, toward the center of the left half. Use this picture for reference:

Level 4: What to do when the wolf comes? Drag the fence closed with a finger.

Level 5: where is the apple? Tap on the tree over and over until the apple falls out, then tap the apple.

Level 6: To find the fireworm, move the right cloud and then cover the sun with a finger, then tap the firefly.

Level 7: The chicken is the one that cannot swim.

Level 8: Move the cups around until one of them spills water. The lower right cup has water in it.

Level 9: How many stars do you give the game? Tap the maximum possible rating.

Level 10: How many donuts are there? There are six total donuts in the picture.

Level 11: Where is the color green? Mix the blue and the yellow together to make green, then tap it.

Level 12: To find the smallest egg, move eggs around until you find a small one hiding behind the standard ones.

Level 13: To launch the rocket, move the start button and a flame will be under it. Put the flame under the rocket.

Level 14: To diffuse the bomb, press both of the buttons at the same time and the bomb will go out.

Level 15: To avoid the green tiles, tap on the yellow ones. When you run out of the yellow, tap on the white space outside if the tiles.

Level 16: To make a big balloon, put one finger over the hole in the balloon, then pump the balloon with another finger.

Level 17: Tap the buttons in the order indicated by the light. When you have to make green, tap blue and yellow at the same time.

Level 18: Shake your phone to make a wet floor sign.

Level 19: There are seven total sheep. Six in the picture and one in the question.

Level 20: To catch the ping-pong ball, put the ball onto the ping-pong paddle. Don’t press the start button.

Level 21: To find the bull, try to take the udders off of the cows. Whichever one you can remove them from is the bull.

Level 22: To find the fastest way from A to I, exchange B and I and tap the right arrow key.

Level 23: To enter the bathroom, use your finger to erase the text to you from the guy’s left arm.

Level 24: How do you make them familiar with each other quickly? Tilt your phone to the right to slide the guy toward the girl.

Level 25: The mammals in the picture are the whale, the sheep, and the cat. The sheep is hidden behind the cabbage cabbage first.

Level 26: To score a goal, use your finger to hold down the goalie, and kick the ball to the left or right.

Level 27: To disassemble the valve, use two fingers to spin the wheel clockwise until the wheel falls off.

Level 28: tap the word “button“ in the question three times in order to clear the level.

Level 29: To help them eat the bugs, put one finger on each of the baby chicks and split them apart to split the worm in half.

Level 30: To park the car in the parking spot, drag the skirt off of the girl icon to turn it into a boy icon, then drag the car there.

Level 31: To date with Marry, drag her hair down by the end of the ponytail until it reaches the ground like Rapunzel.

Level 32: To help the tortoise win, push the start button and then use a finger to hold the hare back.

Level 33: To drink the water, stop the cup when the straw is lined up with the guy’s mouth.

Level 34: To crack the walnut, drag the word “crack” out of the question into the walnut.

Level 35: Which one is nearest to us? The rectangle because it’s closest to you, the person holding the phone.

Level 36: Merge all of the Suns together by dragging them into each other, then tap the bow and arrow to shoot.

Level 37: Which monkey is real? Tap each monkey on the butt multiple times. The one that gets angry is the real monkey.

Level 38: To help the hen hatch the chickens, hold your finger down on the egg for about twenty seconds.

Level 38: What should you drink to avoid getting sunstroke in the summer? Salt water.

Level 39: to get the sheep back into the house, tilt your phone to the right.

Level 40: To put the elephant into the fridge, tap on the fridge to open it, then zoom out on the elephant to shrink it down small enough to fit in the fridge.

Level 41: To roll the dice to get a six, just shake your phone to reroll the die, then repeat over and over until you roll a six.

Level 42: Which sun is the real sun? Drag all of the suns on top of one another until all but one of them burn up. The one that didn’t burn is the real sun.

Level 43: to light the street lamp, hide the sun behind the ground underneath the street lamp.

Level 44: To figure out which is the wax figure and which is real, rub them both over and over, one at a time, and the one that is the wax figure will melt.

Level 45: use the font size to figure out the biggest number. The biggest number is one.

Level 46: Which three numbers add up to 17? Those would be 8, 8, and 1. You can pick the same number twice.

Level 47: To put the car on the parking space, move the other two cars with your finger first to make room.

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Level 48: How many eights are in the picture? There are eight – six on the cards (tilt the phone to the right to make the cards fall out of the box), one in the question, and one in the level number.

Level 49: to turn on all of the bulbs, just tap buttons randomly until they all come on.

Level 50: To beat all of the fleas, grab the dog and shake it around until all of the fleas come off. Then smash the fleas with your finger.

Level 51: How much are all of the coins worth? Move all of the coins around to reveal hidden coins for an accurate amount. They are worth 28.

Level 52: How many sheep are there? Zero, they are all rams.

Level 53: To pour the water properly, turn your phone over and the water will spill out of the cup.

Level 54: To ignite the wood, rub the wood continuously to light it with friction.

#Level 54: How to hit the bullseye? Zoom in on the target to shrink it, then pull back on the arrow and shoot it.

Level 55: To find the smallest egg, move all of the eggs around, then move the eggs hidden underneath them, and tap the smallest egg that you find.

Level 56: To charge the phone, put your fingers on either side of the frayed cords.

Level 57: To take a photo of your girlfriend, move the camera button out of the way, then tap the BeautyCam button that appears.

Level 58: To throw all of the garbage into the bucket, out everything in except for the phone, including the word “garbage” in the question.

Level 59: The number behind the question mark is 7.

Level 60: The farther away you hold the phone, the easier it is to see the number. The number is 5784.

Level 61: To tap PEACOCK, simply tap the word PEACOCK in the question.

Level 62: Tap the fruit from smallest to biggest going by three pictures, not real life. That’s watermelon, banana, cherry. The other three are vegetables.

Level 63: The three biggest numbers on the cards are 6, 8, 10, which add up to 24.

Level 64: The way to discover universal gravitation is to shake your phone until an apple falls off the tree and hits Newton in the head.

Level 65: To save the elephant, drag the key out of the jet counter and put it in the lock on the shackles.

Level 66: to help the car across the bridge, move a cloud to reveal the sun, then drag the sun into the empty wheel well of the car.

Level 67: how to keep the dog from feeling hot? Drag the sun down below the screen, and when it’s off the screen the dog will come off.

Level 68: The game asks you which fruit is bigger. The watermelon is smaller in the picture but bigger in real life, so tap the watermelon.

Level 69: To follow the no swimming sign, drag the swimming guy out of the circle.

Level 70: To find the hen, grab the baby chick and tap it over and over until the angry hen shows up to protect it

Level 71: To figure out which one is the most stable, shake your phone to knock over three out of four of them. Then tap the one that is still standing.

Level 72: which color covers the biggest area? The white in the background.

Level 73: Where am I? Tap on the letter “I” in the question.

Level 74: To help the chicken to hide, long press it with your finger in order to cover it.

Level 75: There are four brothers. If you multiply their ages, you get 14. How old are they? 7, 2, 1, 1 – the one year olds are twins.

Level 76: Where is the old man’s beard? It’s on the chest of the swan on the right. Pull it off and then tap it.

Level 77: To drink the orange juice, swipe right on the cap over and over until it comes off, then tap the bottle.

Level 78: To open the cabinet, swipe right on it and the whole front end will open up.

Level 79: To help the car cross the bridge, put your finger over the hole in the bridge, then tap the car to make it go.

Level 80: To score a goal, Use your finger to drag the soccer ball into the goal instead of using any arrow buttons.

Level 81: To find the rule and tap accordingly, tap alphabetically. Apple, Books, Cat, Door.

Level 82: The cat wants some fish, so take the fish from the fish counting icon and give it to the cat.

Level 83: To help the tortoise win, drag the plants in the background out of the way to catch the hare cheating, then hit the go button.

Level 84: What time will it be after an hour? 09:00 still; that is merely a picture of a clock.

Level 85: To enter the password, type in “password” in all lowercase.

Level 86: To do the purble pairs again, just tap on the cards until you find all three pairs.

Level 87: To put the bird back into its nest, grab the bird with a finger and pull it to the top of the screen to scroll up to the nest, then ignore the snake and place it back in.

Level 88: There are 8 total triangles in the given shape.

Level 89: To turn on all of the bulbs, tap one button, then tap the other two buttons at the same time with two fingers.

Level 90: The doctor gave you 8 pills in the evening. He asked you to take two in the evening, one in the morning, and one at noon. How many are there the next day before noon? There are 5 left.

Level 91: To help the car cross the bridge, tilt your phone to the right a bit so that the car rolls across the bridge.

Level 92: To dry the clothes, pick them up with a finger and shake them until they are dry.

Level 93: To find the disguised wolf, grab the baby sheep and drag it in front of each of the other sheep. When the wolf pokes its head out, tap it.

Level 94: To help the tortoise again, tap start and then move the finish line down so that it is only in front of the tortoise.

Level 95: To solve the problem of drought, scroll to the left to find the rainy land, then drag the rain cloud back over to the desert and cover the sun with it.

Level 96: To make the frog jump higher than the tree, flip the phone over so the frog falls past the tree.

Level 97: To figure out all of the equations, add 1 to the second number and multiply instead of add. 8+11 is actually 8*12, and 8*12=96.

Level 98: To get the ball that fell into the well, turn the phone upside down to make it fall back out.

Level 99: To keep from getting sunstroke, drink salt water.

Level 100: To figure out if the man is lying, pull his nose out like Pinocchio.

Level 101: To weigh the hen, shake it until all of the eggs fall out, then put it on the scale.

Level 102: To stop Sadako from coming out, shake your phone vigorously.

Level 103: To avoid the catastrophe, melt the iceberg with your fingers by shaking it up and down over and over, then make the ship go.

Level 104: To make cherry ice cream, take a waffle cone out of the tent, take the left side of the mountain and turn it into ice cream by putting it in the cone, the sun onto the top, then one of the nails anchoring the tent on top of the sun.

Level 105: To turn on all the bulbs, drag the right bulb off of the screen.

Level 106: To jump the frog over the tree, zoom in on the energy bar, then hold the power button until the energy bar is filled up to the top.

Level 107: How many 9’s are in the numbers between 1 and 100? 20 total 9’s.

Level 108: To open the lid of the lunch box, grab the box with one finger and the lid of the other and pull them apart.

Level 109: To draw an SSR, tap the lid of the gacha to open it, get an egg from the top, then put all the coins into the machine. The fourth egg that you open will be an SSR.

Level 110: Mrs. Wang has three sons. Each of them has one younger sister and one older sister. Mrs. Wang has a total of five kids.

Level 111: To put out the fire, squeeze the cloud with two finger until a waterfall gushes out and drowns the fire.

Level 112: A hen is worth 10, a duck is worth 2, a swan is worth 1. Hen plus duck plus swan is 13.

Level 113: To help the tortoise win again, stretch his neck forward so that his head crosses the line first.

Level 114: To help the old lady cross the street, steal a watermelon out of the truck and place it over the red light to make all of the cars stop.

Level 115: Three kids played football for 45 minutes total. How long did each one play? 45 minutes, they played together.

Level 116: How to make the frog jump higher than the tree? Zoom out on the tree to shrink it, then hold the power button until the power is maxed out.

Level 117: There are ten candles and three were blown out. That means three are left; the others melted.

Level 118: Which one do you think is better? Tap “you” in the question

Level 119: cover all of the cards by placing your phone face down on a surface to hide the screen.

Level 120: When the game asks you to comment, tap “sure” to drop a comment.

Level 121: To save the kid, move the clouds to reveal a helicopter, then drag it down until the ladder touches the water.

Level 122: To tap the peacock on the left, move the word “peacock” from the question to the left and then tap it.

Level 123: To avoid the catastrophe, tilt your phone to the right to roll the snowball off of the right side of the mountain.

Level 124: To go fishing, drag the word “fish” to the end of the cat’s fishing line.

Level 125: A couple shook hands 48 times at a banquet. How many people total are there? 48/2=24, plus the couple is 26 total people.

Level 126: There are 10g cotton, 10g stones, and 10g wood. They are the same weight.

Level 127: Which one do you see first? Tap on “first” in the question.

Level 128: If PGH=QGI and BUJ=CUK, then QRS=RRT.

Level 129: How would you choose? Move “little rich” out of the way and rub the background to make a genie lamp appear, then tap it.

Level 130: how to console your girlfriend? Give her the money and the ice cream.

Level 131: to make the rooster crow, tap the cracked piece of the wall to break it, then drag the sun upward into the sky.

Level 132: What do you do if it rains and you don’t have an umbrella? Turn the phone upside down.

Level 133: Who will win in a fight between two crickets? The word “who”.

Level 134: To match the direction of the compass to E, just turn your phone until the red pointer hits the E.

Level 135: There are five differences. As shown below:

Level 136: judging by the picture which one is the heaviest? A.

Level 137: How do you strike a match without phosphorus? Strike it against the top left corner of the screen.

Level 138: Do you enjoy the game? Hold your finger down on the heart for about three seconds.

Level 139: The fastest way to burn the rope is to put one finger on each end of the rope, two fingers total.

Level 140: To help the cow eat grass, pull the grass and give it to the cow.

Level 141: To answer “do not look at me”, flip your phone screen side down.

Level 142: To figure out who is the programmer, try to remove all of their hair. The one who loses their hair is the programmer.

Level 143: What do you do if you bump into someone you don’t want to see? Drag them off of the screen with a finger.

Level 144: Which one is the heaviest? The hammer that drops faster when you lift it is the heaviest.

Level 145: To share the donut between two kids, split it in half with two fingers and put each half on each plate.

Level 146: To find the kid’s football, scroll the entire screen to the upper left to find it off of the lower right corner.

Level 147: Swipe the key icon to the right, then the track to the left to unlock.

Level 148: Tear of all of the pedals including the word pedal in the question.

Level 149: To drink water, aim the straw at the mouth of the guy and click OK.

Level 150: To make a Japanese flag, pull the color out of the basketball and put it in the middle of the flag.

Level 151: Your girlfriend wants to come to your place but you have something from your ex there. Cover her eyes.

Level 152: What sport doors tyrannosaurus hate the most? Weightlifting.

Level 153: To make a healthy meal, shake the hamburger with your finger to separate its components.

Level 154: To figure out the most beautiful girl, put the boy in front of each of them and see which one makes his facial expression change.

Level 155: Where is the unicorn? The horn is on the ground, so take it and put it on the head of the horse that is facing to the left.

Level 156: What do you do if the pin doesn’t write? Shake the phone.

Level 157: what direction will the ball fall if you cut the rope at the highest point? Down.

Level 158: To shoot a basket, tap the shoot button when the cursor is inside of the green part of the bar.

Level 159: to fill the progress bar, drag the small orange backgrounds out from behind two of the bars and put them at the end of the progress bar.

Level 160: To open the “airplane” door, swipe left on the helicopter door, and you’ll open it, and beat the level despite the fact that it isn’t an airplane.

Level 161: To wipe out the earthworm, long press on the earthworm’s body until a button pops up that says Delete. Then delete the earthworm.

Level 162: To beat “another one”, use your finger to rub the gray streak off of the inside of the bottle cap until the entire thing disappears. Then you’ll have beaten the level.

Level 163: “If only I was the first” requires you to change the row number on the ticket. Change the number in front of you to “01” and that will make you first.

Level 164: Which one is the drag queen? Put your phone upside down and you will get your answer, so tap when you can tell who is the drag queen.

Level 165: Where is the prince? To find him, drag the pair of lips onto the frog, then the frog will turn into the prince and you will beat the level.

Level 166: To catch the burger, simply hit the start button and as the ingredients fall, catch each one of them to pass the level.

Level 167: To shoot the basket, stop the cursor just before the green part of the bar. There is a bit of a delay between the tap and when it actually stops, so this will get you in the green.

Level 168: To fry the steak, hit Open Fire until the cursor is in the green. Then drag the Open Fire button away to reveal a Flip button. Tap flip to flip the steak over, then open fire until it hits the green again.

Level 169: Twenty-five people want to get across the river by boat. There is only one boat which can carry five people at most. How many times are needed to get all people across the river?

The answer is six times, because the boat holds five people INCLUDING the captain. So four passengers per trip.

Level 170: To blow out all of the candles at the same time, tap them in order from tall to short, with about a one second delay in between taps, so that they all melt down at the same height.

Level 171: There was an apple eating contest between a wolf and the sheep. Who’s better at it? Drag the sheep over to the wolf and the wolf will eat it. Then the wolf will win, so tap the wolf button.

Level 172: Something is wrong with the plane! What should you do? Move the seat belt and fasten it for the guy in the seat, because his seatbelt is undone.

Level 173: It’s raining again, what should you do? Simply move the boy upward until he is completely above the rain.

Level 174: You’re going to be late for your date! What should you do? Simply tap the door handle to open the door and actually go on the date.

Level 175: Which color is lighter? Move the color blocks around by dragging them until one of them starts floating upward. Let it float all the way up to the question and then tap it.

Level 176: Which one is the real fish? Put your finger over the opening to the fish bowl, then shake your phone and tap the fish that goes belly-up.

Level 177: What is your expression when you see a ghost? Put the two sets of eyes on the top half of the circle and the other two solo shapes on the bottom half of the circle.

Level 178: Would you please pick an apple for me? To do so, tap until an apple falls and breaks. Then take a cloud and drag it to the point of impact. Then tap and drop another apple and it won’t break.

Level 179: There is no other answer apart from 6… or is there? To complete the following pattern:
Type the letter 8. 1+3+1=5 and 2+4+2=8.

Level 180: To help the princess find her prince, mix the apple and the poison bottle together to make a poison apple. Give the princess the poison apple, then she’ll pass out and her prince will come. Tap on the prince.

Level 181: You are going to travel tomorrow! Pack your bags by putting the gloves at the top left, the clothes in the bottom left, the camera in the top right, and the hairdryer in the bottom right. Put the cane, handle, the boots, and the rope in the middle from top to bottom.

Level 182: To help the hero get home, hit jump as early as possible over the ghost. Then tap to jump right before your hero lands, so that she jumps as soon as possible. Then keep jumping as soon as possible using the trick in the previous sentence until you get to the house.

Level 183: To match all of the birds, look ONLY at the shape of their outlines; or to make it easier, look at the shape of the feathers hanging off of their heads. Don’t look at colors or facial expressions.

Park Bonus Room 1: Lower Room

Level 1: To help Tony not be cold anymore, put the scissors on the sheep to cut its wool, put the wool puff inside of the red jacket, then put the red jacket on Tony.

Level 2: How about a smile? Put the boomerang shape on the top half of the circle, the two eye-type shapes on the bottom, then turn your phone upside down to make it smile.

Level 3: For each question, do x-y for the first digit or digits, and x+y for the second. 7-3 is 4, 7+3=10, so the answer is 410.

Level 4: To pull out the “radish” (which looks like a carrot), simply move the soil down instead of moving the carrot up.

Level 5: It’s an earthquake, quick, hide! To hide properly, move the cloud out of the way, then tap on the helicopter behind it.

Level 6: What should you do when the pipe is broken? Simply tap each of the tiles until all of the pipes connect to the beginning and the end, and to each other.

Park Bonus Room 2: Middle Room

Level 1: To have some fruit after the meal, hold down the bottom of the banana with one finger, then slide another finger down from the top to peel the banana.

Level 2: To spot the difference, tap on the clouds at the top right, the mountain at the bottom left, the emblem on the boat that says HB/HD, the letter A/B at the corner, and the roof of the round room in the back of the ship.

Level 3: How many squares are there? Count all squares including those with squares inside of them. No rectangles. There are a total of 40 squares.

Level 4: To match them one by one, match them like this:

Level 5: Please do not eat in public. Stop the guy from eating in public by moving all of the smiling non-eating faces toward him until they are scowling at him.

Level 6: Choose one, the price is really reasonable! To beat this one, move the hand on the right side upward, then tap on the X to close it out.

Park Bonus Room 3: Upper Room

Level 1: I want a burger like that. To make a burger like that, screen capture the burger, then hit the start button and catch only what makes your burger look like the one on the poster. The goal burger changes each time.

Level 2: To feed the mosquito, tap and hold on the end of the mosquito’s mouth and it will suck blood out of your finger.

Level 3: Environmental protection starts with me. Put the books and clothes in the recycle bin, then put everything else in the hazardous waste bin.

Level 4: To hatch the chicken, move the egg just a little bit further from the fire until the egg turns beige (not blue or red), then it will hatch about five seconds later.

Level 5: Put the pictures in the correct order according to the story. The order is: Shutting The Door, “Where’s My Key”, Door Knock, and Crying.

Level 6: Another Big Mac, Please. Copy the burger again. It changes every time. Screen capture it if you need to so that you can remember it.


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