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8 Expert ‘Command and Conquer Rivals’ Tips and Tricks

Command and Conquer Rivals is a new freemium CnC-universe game that puts you and your army against another player and their army. Your goal is to take control of the missile silo so that you can fire missiles at and blow up each other’s bases, and to do this requires some swift outmaneuvering of the opposition. Read on for some tips, tricks, cheats, glitches, glitch fixes, hacks, tips, and a guide to Command and Conquer Rivals!

If you want to play CnC rivals on multiple devices at the same time, you can easily do so. All that you have to do is link your email address with EA on the device that has the main account on it. Once you do that, you can then port it over to wherever – you can port it to and from iOS, Android, and PC as you please. You might have to do the tutorial again but you’ll be able to continue with your old account once you’re done. And you can’t play the game on two devices at the same time.

Make sure to play the game with a strong internet connection. If your connection is weak or spotty, all kinds of weird glitches can happen. As an example, you can end up getting booted in the middle of a fight, or you can lose the ability to control your troops. Go to an area with a stronger internet connection for a better chance at being able to regain control.

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Unit levels matter in this game, but deck construction is far more important. Commander level is the most important level; beyond that, unit selection can give you a huge advantage. If you see a particular unit becoming trendy at the level or time period you’re at, figure out which units counter them best, and add them to your deck. Use a unit that counters another unit and you’ll instantly get a huge advantage even at a lower level.

You start off with the GDI faction, and once you make it to player level 9, you unlock the Nod faction. Each of the factions have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, with GDIs generally being tankier/better defense and Nods being faster so that you can do a hit and run strategy. But the differences are even more pronounced between individual units.

In battle, first, you want to build your harvesters with a quickness so that you can get as much tiberium as possible. Once you have them built, flood the map with troop buildings and troops. Let your enemy send out the first troop so that you can see what they send, then send one of your troops to counter it. Or just send out multiples at a time so that the enemy has no idea how to respond.

Collect credits and take advantage of the shop. Check it consistently to see what’s new when it reloads. If you don’t have a troop, purchase it; if you are one or two cards away from being able to upgrade your troop, take advantage and purchase the card. Even if you don’t use a troop much, you can increase your player level by leveling your troops, so level them if and when you can afford to.

Get with an alliance as soon as you can. Make sure they are an active one, so that you can do troop donations and troop requests. The stronger your alliance, the better the stuff that they will send you, although alliances tend to not pull in weaker players too often. If you are getting stronger faster than they are, then change alliances to one that is more high-speed.

Complete the bounties as often as possible. Do these and you’ll load up on player experience and credits, as well as sometimes free diamonds. There are five daily objectives, so complete them all every day to get rare crates, which are more likely to contain rare troops, free diamonds, and tons of credits.


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