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Digimon ReArise: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Digimon ReArise is a new mobile gacha RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, and is the most popular mobile Digimon game to date. Your goal here is to build a team of the highest-tier Digimon that you can, engage in various game modes ranging from quests to PvP to special events, raid battles with your friends, and more.

You can find your favorite Digimon, equip them with plugins and care items to make them happy, all while earning DigiRubies, Bits, and a whole lot more. And the more you play, the more goodies that you can unlock.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Digimon ReArise!

Some people like to reroll in order to get the highest-tier Digimon possible right off the bat, while others simply like to coast through the game and see what happens. If rerolling is your thing, then you can do that by playing as a guest, then if you don’t like your initial pull, delete the game, reinstall it, and try for better Digimon during the next pull.

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Right from the get-go, there is a lot of story, but if you are not interested in the story, just hit skip whenever you see a story scene. To speed the story battles along, put them on double or triple the speed and hit the auto button. While the game is mostly auto-battle, hitting the actual button will cause them to also automatically use their special attacks. The faster you complete the stories, the quicker that you can unlock the good stuff.

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Once you unlock the Battle Park, you will be able to play the PvP mode. In Battle Park, it’s your best five players vs the opposing team’s best five. This mode can provide a LOT of DigiRubies, so that you can get more and more summon pulls. Max out your playing time in the Battle Park to get the most DigiRubies.

Underworld, formerly known as Tower Climb, is a tiered-battle PvE mode where you fight in increasingly tougher battles. Early on you will be able to scale a ton of floors, but later on the floors will become massively difficult, so you will have to take a break for awhile before going through more floors.

Each Digimon has a color that says what its use in battle is. Red and Blue, or Brave and Calm, are primarily damage dealers. Yellow, or Tenacious, is the tank. Devoted, or Green, is a healer/support type. Deft, or Purple, tends to be a fairly even balance between DPS, tanks, and support.

To build an effective team, start off with something that is a good mix of all types. Purple types are not necessary if your tanks, healers, and DPS are strong, although there is no one right way to build a team. Also, keep in mind that individual Purples can lean more tanky, more healer, or more DPS.

One aspect of this game that’s unlike other gacha RPGs is managing the mood of your ‘mon, like in a digital pet game. Feed your Digimon with food to raise their moods in the Digi-Care area. The mood will be represented by a green neutral face, a yellow slightly happy face, or a red very happy face. Shoot for the red scores with all of the Digimon. The better the mood, the better the chance of landing a critical hit.

You get a ton of Digimon, and eventually, your party will fill up. You can release them in order to get DigiOrbs, which can then be used to level up the skills of your Digimon. Orb rewards are 5 for Rookie, 20 for Champion, 50 for Ultimate, and 100 for Mega, so evolve before releasing to max out your DigiOrb gains.

Be sure to complete all of the events, quests, and missions that you can find. The game gives you more rewards than you’ll know what to do with early on, but later on when it begins to get tougher and when the harder game modes open up, you’re going to need said rewards in order to power up enough to keep going.

Hit the Workout menu to train and awaken your Digimon, to upgrade their experience levels, to upgrade their skills, and more. When building your team, focus less on the experience level of your Digimon as that’s something that’s very easy to boost later on, and focus instead on their tier stage. Levels are easy to increase using only bits, and you get bits so quickly just by playing story mode that it’s easy to maintain high experience levels.


Tuesday 12th of April 2022