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Dragalia Lost: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dragalia Lost is a new action-RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Nintendo and Cygames. You can go on quests, compete against other players, do special event battles and more while collecting new characters, wyrmite, and diamantium. There is an engrossing story to follow complete with comic strips added to the game, simple yet tough battles, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragalia Lost!

From early on in the game, not only can you unlock a whole bunch of new characters, you can also upgrade them in myriad ways. The main upgrade increases the levels of your adventurers, but the promotion is a special type of upgrade that is done using eldwater. Promote your adventurer to increase their star rarity level. Eldwater can be gained by summoning duplicate adventurers, letting go of three-star dragons, or exchanging wyrmprints for eldwater.

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Weapons can be unlocked much later in the game, compared to other forms of upgrading. Equip weapons to increase your HP and strength, similar to equipping Wyrmprints but more effective. Rarer weapons can also add skills to your adventurers. They can be either crafted (once crafting is unlocked), earned in quests, or from events.

Battles are much more involved than your typical mobile ARPG. For one thing, there’s plenty that you can hit during battles, such as barrels, treasure chests, and even trees; actual strategy is required as well. Use dodges or simply smart distance to keep from being hit by tougher enemies, and use braces to control your landing point after you get smashed by an enemy and thrown into the air. Tap and hold to use force strikes, or hit the skill buttons to use skills. If possible, save up your skills and your shape shifts (Dragon transformations, which can be done when you have a dragon equipped on your active character) for the boss of the level.

Other than bosses, look out for menaces and rare enemies. Rare enemies give you huge rewards if you defeat them, but they run away after a short time, so if you have skills or force strikes available, bombard them. Menaces are random enemies that are larger and stronger than the standard-issue enemy of the level. Typically, they’ll be similar to defeating a second boss – maybe not quite as strong.

There is no way to get free diamantium in the game; however, diamantium and wyrmite usually do the same things and buy the same things at a 1:1 price ratio (summons, for example). You can buy diamantium using in-app purchases, or you can earn wyrmite through quest completion, arena excellence, and through special events.


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