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Figure Fantasy: List of Redeem Codes and How To Find More

Figure Fantasy is a new idle RPG featuring figurines that have been handpainted by the main character. These figurines then come to life and do battle against rival figurines. Your goal is to build a team of the strongest and most diverse heroes that you can, power them up, and face off against powerful rivals.

Like many other idle RPG‘s, redeem codes exist in this one. They have been given out by the developers, and they can be exchanged for free gifts and prizes. You can use each individual code ones per account, but you can use as many different individual codes as you want to.

Read on for a list of redeem codes, how to find more of them, and how to use them in Figure Fantasy!

To get to the code redemption screen, at any point in the game, tap on the settings cog in the top right corner of the screen. Once you do, you will find a button that says “redeem Pak“.

After you tap that button, there will be a text box where you can enter your code. Type your code, or copy and paste it from another source, then confirm the code to get your free prize.

The best place to start looking for Codes is on Facebook; the official page for the game is a great starting point, because this is where the developers are most likely to put codes first. There are many ads for this game that also run on Facebook, and gift codes are often given out as part of the text of the advertisement.

Check other social networks as well, such as Instagram, Twitter, VK, etc. Not only do many of these networks have official pages that are run by the developers, but you might find ads with unique gift codes posted here as well.

There is an official discord server that is linked from within the game itself. Tap the link, except the invite, then go to the chat server and start searching posts for codes. You can use the search bar in the app to weed out any message that doesn’t contain the word “code“ in order to make it easier.

Be sure to also check the Subreddit for the game, because when fans find codes and want to share them, this will be the first place that they go, other than the discord chat. Look through all of the threads to find any that contain redeem codes, and if you have any codes that you don’t see shared already, then be sure to post them yourself.

Another excellent source is the review section of the App Store download page for this game. Search the reviews from newest to oldest in order to give yourself the best shot at finding codes that are still working and not expired.

Twitch and YouTube are also excellent sources for codes, because the developer is heavily promoting the game, and they may give codes exclusively to streamers and video content makers so that they can give these codes out and promote the game to their own audiences. You’re very likely to find rare codes by doing this.

As of right now, the following codes have been released for Figure Fantasy:











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Be sure to keep checking back with this article, because we find more codes, we will be adding them! In the meantime, if you have a code that you don’t see posted here, then be sure to share it in the comments.


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