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Genius Challenges: Genius or Not? All Answers and Solutions to All Levels, Stages, and Questions

Level 0: To put everything into the basket, put literally everything, including the question itself, in the basket.

Level 1: To tap the yellow shield three times, slow down and watch for the shield to move after each tap so that you don’t mistap.

Level 2: Swipe left to unlock the screen, despite the track and arrow looking like a right-swipe requirement. Swipe left on the arrow.

Level 3: Which is the farthest away from us? The cloud, it’s literally the farthest away from the word “us”

Level 4: To make the statue stop crying, hold the phone upside down for about five seconds and the tears will flow back inside.

Level 5: Where is the apple? To find the apple, pull up on the magician’s hat and you’ll find an apple underneath it.

Level 6: Which ear can hear? The letter H, because H + ear = hear.

Level 7: To wake up the cow, put your finger over its nostrils to stop it from breathing.

Level 8: How many holes are in the shorts? Three – one for the waist and two for the legs.

Level 9: To add the fruit to the basket from smallest to biggest, put the cherries, then the pineapples. Carrots are not fruit.

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Level 10: To get the gift, do the “zoom in” motion on the ticket to find a gift underneath.

Level 11: To catch five left-facing cars, tap the one in the question, and then four that drive by. Ignore the right-facing cars.

Level 12: Two cherries is 4, one banana is 15, one carrot is 20. Three cherries is 6. One cherry, one banana, and one carrot equal 6+15+20= 41.

Level 13: In a race, if a player passes the 3rd player, what’s their position? 3rd, so tap the “3rd” in the question.

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Level 14: To make the kids stop fighting, pull them apart using two fingers in a “zoom in” motion.

Level 15: I want a little chili sauce! To get some chili sauce, use two fingers at the top and bottom of the bottle to turn the bottle upside down, then shake the phone to shake sauce out.

Level 16: To tap the numbers from large to small, tap every single number on the screen, including your score/IQ number, from large to small.

Level 17: To take money out of the wallet, put the word “money” from the question into the wallet. Then turn the phone upside down and shake it to get the word money out.

Level 18: Alice is 2 years old, so to celebrate, light the middle candle and then turn the phone to let the candle light a side candle.

Level 19: What direction is the compass needle pointing? It’s literally pointing to the button that says West, so tap that one.

Level 20: To tap the numbers in the right order, either use your memory, or screen cap the number order before pressing any number, since pressing a number makes the question disappear.

Level 21: Who will you save out of the river between your wife and your mother? Both of them, pull up on both of their hands at the same time with two fingers.

Level 22: To turn on all of the lightbulbs on the screen, drag the bottom lightbulb to the right off of the screen, then start hitting switches randomly until you turn on all of the lights.

Level 23: What comes after November 31st? Tap the question mark in the question because Nov 31st doesn’t exist.

Level 24: How many oranges are in the tree? Shake the phone to knock all of them out of the tree. There are five total oranges.

Level 25: To find X, look at the question carefully and see if you can see the number repeated. 1=9, therefore 9=1.

Level 26: To tap the lightbulbs from small to large (NOT large to small), be sure to include the “clue button” lightbulb in the lower left corner of the screen.

Level 27: I want a green pencil! Take the blue and yellow pencils and merge them together to make a green pencil. Then tap on the green pencil.

Level 28: How many holes are in these shorts? The hole in front is also in the back, so overall there are 5 holes.

Level 29: To catch the mouse without being bitten, put the cheese on the other side of the mousetrap, in order to get the mouse to walk right across the trap.

Level 30: To tap the green shield four times and the yellow shield six times, tap the green shield four times, the yellow shield five times, then the yellow shield will turn gray. After about ten seconds it will become yellow again. That’s when you tap it for the sixth time.

Level 31: How many octagons are there? Slide the octagons around in order to find any hidden ones. In total, there are 7.

Level 32: If you go into a dark room with only one match, which would you burn first? The match – you need it to light everything else.

Level 33: To whack the mole, tap and hold the empty hole, then tap the mole with the hole in it with another finger.

Level 34: Which egg is the hardest? To figure that one out, use the corner of the lightbulb hint button and drag all of the eggs into it. The one that does not break is the hardest.

Level 35: To form three squares out of three moving matches, move all of the inside matches outside and form a small square against the big square’s outer edge.

Level 36: The pattern here is (a+b)*c=x, making the strawberry 3 and the orange 25. With the bottom problem though it’s a+b-c=x. So 25+9-3=31.

Level 37: To mix the solution in the test tube, put your finger over the mouth of it and then shake the phone while your finger is still holding it.

Level 38: If you can only move one match, what’s the largest number you can turn 609 into? The answer is 909.

Level 39: To tap Genius, tap the word “genius” in the question, rather than any of the letters.

Level 40: To find the missing number, add up all four of the columns. The left column’s sum is 6, the second column’s sum is 7, the third column’s sum is 8. Ergo, the missing number, which is the only number in the fourth column, is 9.

Level 41: To complete 2+2+2+2×2/2=?, use PEMDAS. 2+2+2+4/2 = 2+2+2+2 = 8

Level 42: To complete the sentence for “Don’t write here”, take the exclamation mark in the question and put it after the sentence to make it “Don’t write here!”

Level 43: To move only two tennis balls to form a square, ignore the brown dots and move the far left and top ball downwards to form a 3×3 diagonal square.

Stay tuned, as the developers add new questions, we’ll add new answers!


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