Go Boom!: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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Go Boom! is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to blow up as much stuff as possible without getting blown up yourself. You can collect coins, unlock new characters including secret hidden characters, and go for the highest possible scores against other players, or even just against yourself. Read on for some tips and tricks for Go Boom!

Your goal is to blow up as much stuff and get the highest score possible, and to do this, you have to tap the screen to make a boom blast. The blast will destroy anything within its immediate radius, but watch out for anything red. If you hit ANYTHING that’s red, whether it’s a vehicle, NPC, or building, or even something as innocent looking as an apple cart, you’re killed and your run is done.

When you blow stuff up, you earn boom points which fill the boom meter. Once the boom meter is full, tap the screen and you’ll turn huge, making you invincible allowing you to blow up anything in your path, including red things. You’ll also be able to cross water, which would normally drown you if you aren’t huge. The more points you have in your current run, the more points it will take to fill the boom meter, except in battle royale, where it generally takes similar amounts of points every time.

You can unlock a ton of new characters in this game. Most of them can be unlocked by spending coins, except for a select few, which can’t. Banksy and The Fat Lady are only available through in-app purchases, while the epic characters can be unlocked with either ad videos or IAPs. The rare characters cost 400, while the basic characters typically cost 200. The gameplay is the same with any of them (except for Banksy and The Fat Lady, which have their own bonuses), but the looks change.

You can earn coins by collecting them in the stages themselves, or you can go to the character select menu and watch ad videos for coins. You can watch as many videos as you want as long as you have an internet connection. If you don’t, or you don’t care for videos, then look for secret areas of each level that are loaded with coins.

As your score increases, not only will you need more boom points to fill the boom bar, but the red dangers around the map will increase. Red creatures will run around, red trucks will crowd the streets, and red buildings will increase in number, so you have to be extra careful not to go boom around them. Larger red buildings with lava moats will show up; keep them in mind for the next time you fill up the boom bar due to how many points they are worth.

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