Golf Star: More cheats to get free stars and hearts

We’ve already went over all of the ways to get free stars and hearts in part 1 of the Golf Star stars, hearts and GP guide, but there are some other ways to do it. Hearts are especially important because they act as your “energy” in this game – in essence, they control how many games you can play before you finally run out. When you do run out, you can’t play until you get more of them. Here are some more ways to get stars and hearts for free!

There are a couple more ways to get free hearts in the game without cheating. The main way, of course, is simply to wait for your hearts to be regenerated. This takes about fifteen minutes per heart that you lose, but once you hit your maximum, you can play for quite awhile, unless you have an event or something coming up.

If you set a record on a course, you will be given the option to “brag” if you are signed up on the Com2Us network. If that be the case, then hit the brag button and you will get one free heart. Of course, if you do this it will post on your Facebook or Com2Us account that you just set a course record, so be aware of that before you brag.

You can use the iPhone time cheat to get some free hearts, too, but you have to do it strategically. Set the time ahead on your phone by however much time you need to regain one single heart. Then go back to the app and watch the heart appear. Do the same thing again until you regain all of your hearts. Don’t set the time back to normal, though, or else you will lose the hearts. Also, don’t set the time ahead by any more than the time that it takes to get the one heart, because you’ll just get the one heart anyways.

Another way to get free stars without having to really do anything, is when you’re prompted to rate the game, tap the rate button, but don’t actually post a rating of the game in the app store. You’ll still earn your 10 stars for it. Additionally, certain quests that you complete will earn you stars as well.