How To Unlock Every Achievement in BitLife

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BitLife: Life Simulator is loaded from top to bottom with achievements that you can unlock. Achievements are not ribbons, but many of the achievements can be unlocked with the same tasks that can earn you ribbons, or the achievements can help you earn ribbons.

Read on for the full top to bottom list of all of the achievements and how to unlock them in BitLife: Life Simulator!

Complete a Life: to get this one, simply complete a life until death.

Octogenarian: Live until you’re 80 years old minimum.

Nonagenarian: Live an entire like for at least 90 years.

Centenarian: Live for at least 100 years.

Super Centenarian: Live for a minimum of 110 years.

Mega Centenarian: Live for at least 120 years.

Millionaire: Earn at least a million dollars in a single life.

My Second Million: Earn at least two million dollars in one life.

Multimillionaire: Earn at least 10 million in one life.

Rich: Earn at least 20 million dollars in one life.

Super Rich: Earn at least 50 million dollars in one life.

Stinking Rich: Earn at least 100 million dollars in one life.

Career Military: Serve for at least 20 years in the military and retire.

General: Serve as a military officer and get promoted to General.

Admiral: Serve as a Navy or Coast Guard officer and get promoted to Admiral.

Absent Without Leave: Join the military and then go AWOL.

Dentist: Go to Dental School and become a dentist.

Doctor: Go to Medical School and become a doctor.

Lawyer: Go to law school and become a lawyer.

Judge: Go to law school and become a judge.

Actor: Become an actor (not just a voice actor)

Airline Captain: Become a pilot traineee and get promoted to Captain eventually.

Fire Chief: Become a firefighter and get promoted to fire chief.

Social Media: Just join social media for this one.

Social Media Sharer: Share one thing on social media.

Social Media Oversharer: Share five things on social media.

Social Media Star: Get a million followers on social media.

Moviegoer: See one movie.

Movie Junkie: See five movies over the course of one single life.

Naughty Child: Get expelled from school one time.

Instigator: Go to prison and then start a riot.

Justice: Appeal your prison sentence, win, and then get freed from prison.

Escape Artist: Escape from prison one time.

Midnight Express: Get sent to prison in Turkey.

There’s Always Canada: Move to Canada from any other country.

Say Goodbye to Hollywood: get deported from the United States.

Abort x10: Have 10 abortions in one life.

Fabulously Fertile: have ten children in one life.

Multigamist: Marry 10 times in one life

Stud: Have 109 lovers/partners in one life.

Hungry Hippo: Die from being killed by a hippo.

Gorilla and the Fist: Get your head taken off by a gorilla.

Animal Rescue: Rescue any animal.

Lion Tamer: Rescue a lion specifially.

Hero: Save the life of someone.

Lambo: Own a Lamborghini. New or used doesn’t matter.

Car Collector: have a car collection worth 1 million dollars minimum.

Real Estate Mogul: Have one million dollars minimum worth of real estate at one time.

Trailer Party: Throw a party in a trailer.

Mansion Party: Throw a party in a mansion.

Bubonic Plague: Come down with the plague.

Rabies: Come down with rabies.

Booty Call: Get a Brazilian Butt Loft and have it be successful.

Ultimate Betrayal: get married, have a sex change, and then your spouse leaves you.

Snake Snack: Eat a snake.

Successful Rehab: Go to rehab and get clean from an addiction of any type.

Medieval Attack: Get attacked with a medieval weapon of any kind.

Witchcraft: Go to a witch doctor and get cured of a disease.

Winnipeg, Eh?: Visit Winnipeg on vacation.

Cliff Diver: Successfully go cliff diving.

Skeezy: just get called “skeezy” by someone.

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