Knight Brawl: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Knight Brawl is a new iOS and Android game that pits knight against knight in hard-fought, hilarious, and entertaining battles. You run, jump, and dash, and you can slash at enemies with 360-degree arm spin attacks, and your goal is to knock them out before they knock you out.

You can earn coins and gain levels, unlock all kinds of new locations and new characters, and compete in game modes such as Survival, Challenge, and more, while also earning new equipment such as swords, shields, armor, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Knight Brawl!

You have two different types of attacks that you can do, with each one requiring completely different strategies. Stab attacks are where you double-tap dash and ram an enemy to do damage, while slash attacks are where you hold the attack button to swing your weapon at the enemy. Each attack has its own strengths and weaknesses, but no matter which you choose to specialize in, use the other as well.

If you use a spear or a lance, you’ll be specializing in dash attacks, but if all you do is dash, you’ll be susceptible to fast-moving opponents with swords who jump, run, and charge in and around your slashes. So be sure to slash too, which will not only take advantage of your range, but allow you to keep attackers at a distance.

With a slashing weapon, such as a sword or an axe, you can do heavy damage especially when landing a headshot, and you’ll be able to attack faster and change direction more quickly with a short weapon, but you are also more likely to take damage. So dash around a lot, change directions a lot, and rapidly tap (not hold) the attack button when you’re dashing around to make sure that you start swinging again as soon as possible after a dash.

Defensive equipment, unlike weapons, has no particular strategy to it. Armor, shields, and helmets all allow you to take more hits overall before you die. Upgrade your defensive equipment to the best equipment that you can so that you can take a lot of hits, but be careful not to let it lull you into a false sense of security; you still have to avoid getting hit.

Survival mode challenges you to last for as long as possible, as well as to knock off as many enemies as possible. Evasion is the key here; it’s more important not to get hit than anything else. Enemies are somewhat aggressive here, but not as much as in challenge mode, so while they won’t kill each other often, they’ll often damage each other and hook you up with easy kills.

Challenge mode is fairly easy to beat; enemies are insanely aggressive here, so they’ll attack and kill you quickly if you stick around too long, but get out of the way and they’ll attack and kill each other due to how aggressive their AI is. Let them do that, while staking out a position on platform or in the corner of the stage. Defend your position as necessary, open chests, then kill the last enemy.

There are two quick ways to earn coins in this game. One of them is to complete the three quests that will be available at any given time to complete. They’ll consist of various goals such as scoring a specific amount in survival mode, and once you beat all three of the missions given, you’ll earn a significant amount of coins. Plus, three more missions will pop up.

Another is to go to the weapon and armor store and watch ad videos. Each one that you watch is worth another 50 coins to you, so watch as many of them as you need to in order to earn as many coins as you need to for all of the equipment that you want.

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