Lemmings Mobile: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Lemmings Mobile is the newest entry in the DMA/Psygnosis franchise, this one in the free-to-play realm for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is much as it was in the old games, which is to build modifications to each level to permit the Lemmings to pass through from the entrance to the exit, but you have to be quick as often if you don’t move quickly enough, they will die. You can clean out planets, earn gold and new Lemmings, and more along the way. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, strategies, and tricks for Lemmings Mobile!

Your main goal is to beat each level while losing no Lemmings, or at least losing as few Lemmings as possible. To do this, build implements to keep them safe. If you see that the path includes a drop of more than two squares, build an umbrella somewhere in the middle of the drop. The umbrella will last throughout the entirety of the drop, so you only need to build one, even if it’s a 10-square drop.

Other things that you can build include a staircase (or a whole bunch of staircases), or you can place a blocker. A blocker is a Lemming that directs the other ones away from an area where you don’t want them to go. You have to manually direct the blocker to leave its area of responsibility once the rest of the Lemmings go through the exit, though.

As you pass levels, you collect Lemmings, and you can then go to the quest tab to put them to work restoring a planet. Most quests cost 12 Lemmings at a time, or equivalent to the maximum number of Lemmings that you earn for beating a level. So the better you do on each level, the quicker you can complete each quest. Once you finish all of the missions on one world, you move onto a whole different world.

Lemmings build whatever item you command them to; the command will stay on the screen until they get to it. If you change your mind and want to delete the command, though, tap the command and you will get back the energy that you spent on it. After an object is built, though, if you want to delete something, you have to sacrifice a Lemming to do it. Plus, you won’t earn back any energy.

As you progress through the game and earn gold, you can use it to purchase eggs, which then allows you to unlock new Lemming tribes. The tribe members are automatically added to your repertoire, and tribe members will be mixed in randomly with the initial Lemming tribe and then, after that, with each other. They all play the same; their main purpose is cosmetic changes.

Energy is the limiting factor for how long you can play the game for. Every 1 1/2 hours or so, you’ll get 20 energy restored, out of a total of 60 maximum energy. If you don’t want to wait, you can either spend 900 gold on a full refill, or you can make an in-app purchase for 2 hours of unlimited energy for $6.99 or whatever the equivalent is in a non-American currency of your choosing, depending on which country’s App Store you play the game from.

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