Perfect World Mobile: All Redeem Codes and How To Find Them

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Perfect World Mobile is one of the most popular MMORPGs on the iOS and Android platforms, in part because it is based off of the older Perfect World International PC MMO. You have a lot of bonuses that you can collect in this game, and there are plenty of events and giveaways, some of which are given away using redeem codes.

Read on for guide to the redeem codes for Perfect World Mobile!

One way to get redeem codes is to post at Wuxia World‘s forums. A recent promotion has been done where readers of the forums can get a free code sent to them by the devs, allowing them to earn free goodies. This is a Iimited-time promotion, but it is likely to be one that returns frequently, too.

You can complete the official survey for the game from Wanmei, which is the company that markets this game and does business as “Perfect World Games” in the states. Unlike the limited time events above, this survey is something that will last throughout the life of the game.

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You don’t need to have played Perfect World International before in order to have completed the survey. You don’t even need to have played Perfect World Mobile for that long of a time in order to fill out the survey.

Follow the game and the company on every form of social media. Follow Perfect World Mobile on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, WeChat, YouTube, and whatever other social media platforms you can find them on.

The reason for the social media emphasis is that this is usually the first place that giveaways and codes are announced. You can also find the latest contests here, in which the developers provide the winners with some excellent rewards.

Make sure to follow the in-game news feeds, so that you know what new events are about to come up, what events are currently taking place, and what new events to watch out for. Any time that a new event comes up, you can be sure that a new set of redeem codes is about to come with it.

As always, comment in the comment section if you find any good redeem codes and you want to share them!

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