Property Brothers Home Design: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Property Brothers Home Design is a new match-three home renovation game for the iOS and android plan. Your goal is to renovate the house according to the blueprint given to you by the property brothers, Jonathan Andrew Scott, but in order to get money to do so, you need to complete match-three levels.

The gameplay is a little different than some others in this genre; you tap to clear two or more blocks that have an identical color, with a larger numbers of blocks being better for your score, as well as a earning bonus tiles for you.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Property Brothers Home Design!

Your goal is to purchase all new items to fill the house, from furniture to decorations to appliances. In order to do this, though, you need to have coins in order to purchase the new household goods.

In order to earn the coins, you have to go to puzzle levels, complete them with as many moves left over as possible, and then use the coins that you earn to purchase new furniture. Anytime you play a level, new furniture positions are unlocked, and every time you earn enough coins, the ability to purchase new furniture is unlocked.

The amount of coins that you earn is higher depending on how many moves you have left over at the end of the round, as well as how many special tiles you earn. Special tiles can be used to clear out huge numbers of blocks, which will increase your score massively, so find and use as many of them as possible.

Clearing five blocks of the same color at a time gives you a bomb, which blows up nine tiles in a square. Clearing seven at a time blows up 5 x 5 tiles, using the dynamite that pops up when you make the combo. Clearing nine or more tiles at a time gives you a barrel of TNT, which, when activated, blows up 7 x 7 tiles, clearing out a massive chunk of the board.

Every time you set off some form of explosive or another, you charge up the fireworks meter. When it’s full, tap it and you will be able to clear out every tile of a specific color. This is useful even if your end goal isn’t to clear out a specific color tile, so watch this meter and then tap it as soon as you’re able.

You only spend coins on the furniture when it’s time to place the furniture, not when you are swapping out one piece of new furniture for another. If you don’t like the way a piece of furniture looks, tap on it and you can choose one of the other options for free.

Before placing the furniture down, look at the screen blueprint and use it as a guide for what furniture to buy. Everything on the blueprint will be transparent, and you’ll be able to tell by the shape of everything what piece of furniture, decoration, antique, or appliance to put down. Use the blueprint as a guide in order to bring the house as close to the specifications outlined by the property brothers as possible.

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