Star Trek Fleet Command: Retrofit Ship and Mission Guide

Star Trek Fleet Command has an entire mess of ships that you can unlock; in many cases, the retrofit ships are the highest-tier ones that you can get. They’re difficult and time-consuming, but in most cases, they’re worth it.

Read on for some tips and tricks on how to complete retrofit missions and unlock the retrofit ships in Star Trek Fleet Command!

The most obvious way to unlock the retrofit ships is to upgrade your own player level to level 60. Once you do this, the game offers you a free retrofit ship. From there you can pick the one that you want and then make good use of it.

One way that you can get a retrofit ship is to rack up a whopping 20,000 fleet credits. You also have to have a tier IV shipyard in order to acquire them.

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The reason for this is that the retrofits are tier 5 vessels. You might have tier 4 versions of the same vessels, but tier 5 versions have a whole new set of requirements.

Examples of these retrofit ships are the Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, the Fleet Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, and the Fleet Scourge Destroyer Retrofit. Others exist too; which ones are available to you depend on which factions you have and which ships you already have, as well, depending on how you plan to earn them.

By the time you hit Level 60 and are able to unlock one, the choice should depend on your playing style and what you feel would be best for your fleet.

As for the other unlock methods, get shards for every single one of the ships. Focus especially on whichever one you want to upgrade to the highest tier level that you can.

You can also play Star Trek Fleet Command on PC and Mac And continue your progress. As long as your account is connected, you can connect it back up on desktop and pick up where you left off.

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