Tennis Clash: Guide Part 2 – Advanced Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Here are some of the more advanced tips, hints, and cheats that we’ve discovered for Tennis Clash: Fun Sports Games for iPhone and iPad, also known as Tennis Clash: 3D Sports for Android!

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Specific strategies to use against players with specific stats

The great equalizer in a match against a player with strong forehand and backhand is hitting the ball right back at them. If an exclamation mark appears above their head, you’ve successfully forced them to lob, making their shot weak and inaccurate. From there you can set up either a very slow volley or a very hard forehand or backhand to a corner.

If a player has a significantly stronger forehand than backhand, or vice versa, pay attention to what their dominant hand is, then hit the ball onto their weak side to force them to use their weak hand. Run up to the net for a volley after forcing a weak hand shot (or a lob).

If a player has a very high serve, stay in your initial position so that you can catch a serve in any direction that they send it. Don’t move around to try to anticipate a serve direction like you might with a slightly weaker serve.

For a player with very high agility, make them run around and around the level until their stamina bar drops into the reds. The more the bar drops, the more they’ll slow down, the less accurate and powerful their shots will be, and the more likely they will be to make mistakes.

If you go up against a player with very high stamina, then most likely that high stamina comes at the expense of their other stats. So look at their total stats, look at the forehand, backhand, volley, and agility, and see which one is weaker. Then pound them in their weak spot.

In general, give players a different look with each point so that they don’t get too comfortable with what you’re going to hit. Out-power them with some turns. Out-volley them with some other turns. Send some serves right at them, and send some serves completely to the other side of where they are.

Once you have been playing for awhile, you can tend to predict where other players will hit the ball. It’s more common for a player to hit the back across the court than the same dude if the court, usually, so for the most part, it’s safe to predict a shot across the court, and to start running there early.

Unconventional Strategies

There are some trick plays that you can use to try to get in a player’s head a bit if you feel like they’re a little too comfortable. Change how long it takes you to serve. Run around a bit before you make the serve in order to trick them into changing their position.

If you really want to lure a player to sleep while they are waiting for the serve, a way to do that is to let the first serve time out, then take the fault, then almost let the second serve time out. At the last second, launch a good serve through to surprise them.

Not only do you have a chance at luring them to sleep, but you can simply annoy the other player into quitting by doing this move. If you get matched up against an EXTREMELY strong player compared to you (e.g. 100 stat points for them vs 60 for you), annoying them into quitting is a valid move.

An even more extreme version of this is to let the serve time out twice. Let them take the point. Then, when they get the serve, return it effectively. They might be expecting you to forfeit at that point, so you’ll often catch the opposing player napping if you do this.

Fire a super hard return right at a player when they serve to you, one that’s way out of the court but is still coming right at them. A surprising amount of players still try to hit these returns. The farther off the return is, the worse the returning player’s lob will be.

Another trick is to use a volley to try to neutralize a very hard serve. Run up to the net and then return the serve as a volley to mess with the opposing player’s head, and often to serve a return shot that is impossible for the other player to return.

Randomly, occasionally, just fire a serve or a return way out as far as you can. It sends the game into a such a tailspin with weird camera angles that you could mess up your opponent’s perspective, or just completely weird them out and get in their head.

Turtle For Coins

If getting coins is hopeless and you don’t want to do the coin tanking cheat, change your strategy a bit, simply going radio silent, checking in every three hours to get your free bags (and opening all of your leftover bags from other matches), then checking back out. Minimize your risk of coin loss.

Every once in awhile, come back and win some easy matches to load up on bags again. Then jump out of the game for awhile except to collect your bags.

Go to practice mode while you do this so that you can practice your shots and not lose your skill, but don’t take your skills out against other players until you have all of the upgrades that you want to do.

Dealing with Lag Spikes

Lag spiking tends to be a huge problem with this game, especially when you get connected to Korean players as the game’s Korea servers tend to have a lot of latency.

Right now, there isn’t much of a solution to this. You could try to play the game through a VPN to a Korean server making it so that you’re on equal footing with the Korean players, and have an advantage against everyone else.

Make sure to keep up with the developers on the official Tennis Clash subreddit if you are having server, lag, or latency issues. The developers tend to be very active on the forums, and they listen to what their players have to say. So if you are having server trouble, speak up and they will try to work on the problem.

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  1. Eamonn Flynn

    I think its not fair when a player keeps running up to the net.specially wen I cant use the lob.its very annoying..and wen I do it its like im feel im would be great if u could talk to your opponent and call him/her a cheat…thats my only problem with the game ppl running to the net every shot..

    1. Miranda

      It’s not cheating it’s part of the game😂😂 maybe you should work on your game.

      1. Nick Thiessen

        its definitely the biggest flaw in the game

    2. Saturn Ociris

      Lol….. I think that tennis is just not the game for you. Playing the net is part of the game, and obviously they are running to the net every time because you don’t know how to handle it . I know this sounds like I’m being a jerk towards you, but honestly you are whining about something that is obviously your problem not a cheat.

    3. Donnell

      I did a lob a couple of times over their head… and then all of a sudden I couldn’t do it anymore. Not sure how though… maybe it was just a fluke in the game. Going to the net is a big part of the game, but so is being able to lob it over the persons head if they’re too close>

  2. Steve

    Tennis Clash has been hung (trying to open up a bag) for 2 days now. All other programs on my phone work just fine. I hope someone’s working on this.

  3. juan

    Can somebody explain to me why in the “racket” menu there is 3 different flaps ? thanks

  4. Tony

    How does the circle work under the players
    Feet As it slows the shots down against
    Your opponent so any good shots
    Are a waste of time !!

  5. Richard

    Save your breathe folks, this game alters performance and cheats like most apps….. The devs don’t even know how to score real tennis, so not only are you getting nerfed, but everyone is getting cheated by ppl who dont even know how tennis is structured and scored….. Did I see that they boast this app as ” one of the best”…. Lol, omg

  6. hasan24202

    خیلی خوب وعالی بودید

  7. Nana1

    Can some help ?
    How do you request practice or training in order to learn controls well ?

    Can’t see any where to press or key to request practice

  8. Nana1

    Can someone help ?
    How do you request practice or training in order to learn controls well ?

    Can’t see any where to press or key to request practice

  9. Ross

    I dont understand how to get cards. I cant up grade my player. Pls help


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