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The King of Fighters ALLSTAR: List of Coupon Codes and How To Find More of Them

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is a hugely successful Gacha RPG for the iOS and Android platforms based off of the legendary series of fighting games, especially the ’90s entries into the series. You can play in multiple single player modes, arena/PvP modes, and manage your entire team of fighters in many ways.

There are a ton of rewards that you an earn in this game, but some of the most searched and coveted are those that come from Coupon Codes, which give you all kinds of free rewards. You can use them on both the iOS and Android platforms, although on iPhone and iPad, there are a few extra steps to take.

Read on for a complete guide to using coupon codes on every platform that this game is on, where to find more of them, and a list of all the ones that we know in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR!

If you want to enter them in on the Android platforms, then all you have to do is go to the settings menu, tap the button that says “enter coupon codes”, then enter the code.

To get the same benefits on the iPhone and iPad, platforms, first, link your account via Facebook. Then on your PC or Mac, download an Android emulator such as BlueStacks, then download The King of Fighters ALLSTAR.

Then connect your account and link up on the Android emulator, and enter the coupon code in the same way that you would on a normal Android device.

Next, you need to know how to get coupon codes. Your starting point should be in the official social media pages for The King of Fighters ALLSTAR. They tend to give away new coupon codes for special events and holidays, so keep checking back; they sometimes even give them out for no reason.

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Hit the community page and there are eight different official channels. They have a Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, and the Netmarble community page. This is your most likely shot at finding all of the codes.

Be sure to check all of their pages, not just one, because different ones can be given out on different pages, especially when the difference is in what the main medium is (streaming for Twitch vs text for Twitter, for example). Livestreams, in particular, tend to feature a high frequency of coupon codes.

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Be sure to sign up to get news about the game using your email address. Many of the coupon codes are emailed out, but they can be easy to miss. If you use gmail or a service that separates promotions from other emails, be sure to check your promotions tab, or even your spam tab, to see if they accidentally got sent off elsewhere.

Take a look around YouTube and Twitch for videos that have been posted my other players, not just by the official account. A very common method for developers to promote games is to partner up with streamers and content creators, taking advantage of their gigantic audiences by giving them codes and having them disseminate the codes via their videos. That’s why these sites are such a good source.

One of the most underrated sources for codes for this game is right where you downloaded it, in the App Store or in the Google Play store. Go to the review section and look at all of the newest reviews, in chronological order, to see if other players have shared codes that have worked for them. If you have codes and you don’t see them there, then be sure to share your wealth, as well.

While you’re checking Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and all of the other social locations anyways, you might as well go ahead and check the comments sections on posts and videos. The people who play this game are very active at it, and they like to engage socially, meaning that they’re very likely to comment on posts. Even on unrelated posts, players are often posting codes or asking for codes, so it’s definitely worth a look.

As follows, here is a list of known codes for KofAS:













note that some of these might be expired, while some of these might not be. I’m leaving the expired ones here because, like in the case of the Halloween one, because they hint at codes that are coming in the future; just change the year.


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