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Ulala: Idle Adventure – Complete Toy Guide: Toy Store, Rainbow Stones, Best Toys, Set Bonuses, and more!

If you’ve been playing Ulala: Idle Adventure for awhile now, you know that there are a ton of different things that unlock in the game as you gain player levels. One of the very last to unlock is the Toy Store, which, while it might seem like a small boost to your game, actually becomes EXTREMELY crucial later on.

Read on for the full guide to toys in Ulala: Idle Adventure!

How to unlock the Toy Store

The Toy Store is located inside of Shopping Street, right next to the black market. First, to unlock the Toy Store, you have to level up to player level 51. Once you do that, then at the end of the current hunting season, the toy store will unlock.

This, additionally, is the exact same requirement for unlocking your first toy slot, which opens up next to your top skill. This slot doesn’t even show up as locked before level 51; it just doesn’t show up at all, but once you unlock the Toy Store, go back to your skills and you’ll see it.

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Why Toys Are Important

Having toys equipped will increase the stats of a skill, and will also give you various side boosts, such as immunity immediately before/after using a skill. Having toy equipment on toys enhances said skills and boosts.

While the toys might not seem like they’re worth much immediately after you unlock them, they become far, far more valuable later on. One reason for this is that much later in the game, you’ll get stuck in the campaign against tough bosses, and some of the toy skill enhancers can provide you just that right amount of edge to get past the boss.

Another reason is, when it comes to arena mode, some players simply won’t be paying attention to the toy capabilities when they should be. So having a good toy collection can give you a serious advantage.

Make sure you’re using your in-game chat to push your teammates to equip toys, too. Your entire team being well-equipped with toys can turn you into a powerhouse.

All About Getting New Toys

You can spend all of the Rainbow Stones that you earned in your Arena and Clan War battles in the Toy Store. Toys are color-coded in rarity to white, green. blue, purple, etc. Unlike most areas, though, you don’t necessarily want to have the rarest toys right off the bat.

Instead, try to fill up all of your toy slots. Go back to the store and buy toy equipment too. A toy would be a T. Rex, for example, and toy equipment would be a helmet for a T. Rex. Then go to the toy’s profile, hit the customization screen, then equip the toy with all of its available equipment.

You can’t refresh the toy store by spending starfish, unlike the vast majority of other stores, menus, and others, and the toy shop doesn’t refresh itself over time. Instead, you have to buy all six of the toys in the store.

Once you do that, six new pieces of toys (or toy equipment) will pop up. Then after that happens, the store will refresh and you’ll be able to buy refreshes with starfish, just like in the Black Market.

Best Toys

The best toys depend on if you are a tank or not. For the healers and DPS types, the best toys are about the same, since attack-type stats are key to both of their moves.

For DPS and Healer types, your best toys are the Bone Ankylosaur, T. Rex, Sabretiger King, and the Moblin, For healers, specifically, you can also get a good bit of use out of the Marmot and the Sheep.

For Tank types, you’re going to want toys that enhance defensive skills. Your best toys are the Elk, Walrus, White Camel, and the Narwhal King.

Even if a toy isn’t on the “best of” list, though, you might find it to be useful, depending on your character, since there are so many different classes of characters, including some with both Tank and DPS or Healer and DPS characteristics, or even Tank and Healer.


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