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World War Rising: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Hacks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

World War Rising is a new MMORTS by Mobile War LLC, which is an imprint of Game of War and Mobile Strike creator Machine Zone (MZ). Your goal here, as with other MZ games, is to join up and gather resources, form or join an alliance, and take the fight to other alliances in the game, as well as battle it out against computer-controlled characters, while building power and earning gold, or even just playing mini-games if you want. Read on for some tips and tricks for World War Rising!

The main way to do a construction, an upgrade, or training/research/etc is to tap on the building of your choice from the main map, but an easier way to get there is to hit the “More” button in the menu screen. You’ll find, among other things, options to train your troops, build defenses for your wall, manufacture machinery, do research, and more. You can also pick options such as the combat simulator, or swap buildings to different positions than they started out in.

Want to play the mini games that you saw in the ads for the game? Go to the More menu and tap on the Mini-Games options. You’ll be able to play one of the games that you played in the advertisements, but only once per day. The better option is just to play a game with a lot of pop-up ads and hope for the mini-game to show up there in a WWR ad again.

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You can earn a lot of free gold without having to spend any money by taking advantage of the treasury. Go there, leave 100 gold behind, come back in two hours, and you’ll have 110 gold waiting for you, for a 10 percent gain. You can do this as many times as you want, or level up the treasury with a standard in-app purchase to earn even more gold in even shorter periods of time.

Attacking other players or various resource islands is all well and good and fun, but sometimes, you just want to launch missiles at people and things. Look for anything that’s a member of The Syndicate (such as planes and tanks) and fire a missile at it. Be careful though as the planes and tanks might move before they get there, so launch your missile quickly once it’s ready, and aim it properly. You can also use missile launches to destroy resources at a target base if you’re feeling really spiteful, or destroy troops from a rival.

Complete missions as quickly as you not only for the resources, but also for the equipment that you can give to your hero. Your hero has six equipment slots; fill them up to add huge boosts to your economics, your attack, your defense, and more. Complete missions to find and/or unlock the equipment.


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