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Understanding Influence of Botox and Microdermabrasion on Aging Skin

Many people fear the inevitable sagging and wrinkling of the skin that comes with aging. Not only does the appearance suffer, but it’s a daily reminder that the body is no longer improving. Suddenly, after all the hard work of becoming the fully mature body we were meant to be, the body does a complete reversal and decides to decline instead. Add in the fact that the end of the slow decline is death and aging becomes less about appearance and more about terror.

It’s no surprise that many people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures to hide the hints of aging that remind us of our unpleasant decline. It makes good sense. Other excellent reasons to have procedures such as Botox or Microdermabrasion include stress reduction, improved appearance, and a return to youth, if only in the mirror.

This decade old treatment lasts about six weeks and costs about $500 for one treatment. They’re considered to be safe and effective, though there are some nasty side effects that can accompany the treatment: Bruising, headaches, muscle weakness, and nausea, to name a few. Few people suffer from these side effects and there is an upside: Botox is often cited as a treatment for migraines.

During this procedure, the top layer of dead skin is removed. This paves the way for new cells to be produced in the deeper layers of the skin. It’s not considered surgery and though treatments can be performed in a doctor’s office, they can also be performed in a salon or spa. The result is a rejuvenation of the skin and a happier person.

To describe the procedure a little further:
It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the face to receive a microdermabrasion treatment. The face, chest, or neck can take as long as one hour. Four to eight treatments are performed, with one to three weeks between each treatment. People can pay at much as $300 for a treatment or as little as $50. It all depends on where you choose to go.

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The good news is that you won’t have to go under anesthesia and you’re not going to suffer any pain during the treatments. Microdermabrasion is so harmless that it’s sometimes called a lunch-time peel. It won’t disrupt your routines or cause you to suffer for weeks. The most it will do is turn your skin pink for one to three days.

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