Endless Trainer: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinEndless Trainer is a new unofficial Pokemon game for the Android and iOS platforms where you auto-battle through various cities while catching new Pokemon and upgrading your team in a seemingly endless number of ways. You can load up on rare and legendary Pokemon, even mega evolutions, while collecting coins, medals, gems, amber coins, and […Read More]

Ghostbusters World: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinGhostbusters World is a new GPS and AR-themed game for the iOS and Android platforms based off of the Ghostbusters franchise. You can capture ghosts and build up your collection, included rare and epic ghosts, then you can level them up and use them to fight against other players’ teams of ghosts. You can complete […Read More]

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinRagnarok M: Eternal Love, or Ragnarok Mobile, is the long-awaited new Ragnarok MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You can pick a character and go on quests, earn Zeny and Big Coins and other goodies, while engaging in quests with many different types of characters. You can level up your stats and skill points, […Read More]

Trigger Heroes: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinTrigger Heroes is a new top-down roguelike shooting game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to make it from level to level, fighting against tougher and tougher enemies, and collecting both purple coins and gold coins as you go. You can unlock new characters, find all kinds of different weapons, and more. […Read More]

Flying Sport Car: Explore City – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinFlying Sport Car: Explore City is an odd new game for the iPhone and iPad where you fly a car as if it were an airplane. Your goal is to go through rings, land safely at the airport, and get that three-star score so that you can earn as many coins as possible. And then […Read More]

Kaiju Rush: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinKaiju Rush is Lucky Kat’s new game where your goal is to destroy as much of the city as possible using your kaiju monster. You can launch them and bounce them to smash buildings while trying to get as far as possible, and earning coins and gems in the process. Read on for some tips, […Read More]

Light-It Up (game): Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinLight-It Up is a new level-based platformer for the iOS and Android platforms with clean, glowy stick-figure graphics and a unique set of challenges. Your goal in this game is to light up every platform on each level you play, and not to fall off of the level. You can earn points, fight for a […Read More]

Essential ‘Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem’ Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Guide

FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinLooney Tunes: World of Mayhem is a new mobile RPG featuring the characters and antics that have been entertaining Looney Tunes fans for the last 88 years. You can build a team of characters using multiple versions of your Looney Tunes favorites, rack up coins and gems, upgrade and evolve your cards (including the elusive […Read More]

Mr. Go Home!: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinMr. Go Home is a unique new iOS and Android game that pays tribute to Super Mario Bros with platforming gameplay featuring all sorts of pitfalls, obstacles, and surprises, all of which you must pass in order to make it to the next level. You can play in Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare mode, each […Read More]

Tap Skaters: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinTap Skaters is a new iOS and Android one-tap skateboarding game where your goal is to earn as many fans as possible while going through levels and earning coins. The game plays like a reverse Donkey Kong, where you tap to drop down to the next lower platform until you make it to your goal. […Read More]