Words Secret: Addictive Plot – All Answers and Solutions for All Levels

Words Secret: Addictive Plot, known to Android users as Word Secret: Addicting Plot, is a new word game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to find the word to move onto the next level, solve mysteries, and move the detective’s plot forward. You have multiple storylines that you can play, ranging […Read More]

Langrisser Mobile: All Gift Codes, Promo Codes, Redeem Codes, and Cheats for More Codes

Langrisser Mobile is the resurrection of one of the most popular Strategy RPG franchises ever, and has become the first billion-dollar SRPG in the history of mobile. You can collect characters, fight Shining Force-style, and a whole lot more. You can earn all sorts of rewards as you make your way through the game, either […Read More]

Brain Puzzle: 99 Games – All Answers and Solutions to All Questions and Levels: Full Walkthrough

Brain Puzzle: 99 Games is a pseudo sequel to Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge for the iOS and Android. This game has easier puzzles than the last one, but many of them are still tricky to beat. You do anything from control a broken robot, to stringing thread through the eye of a needle, to dropping […Read More]

The Impossible Test CHRISTMAS: All Answers and Solutions to All Levels, Stages, and Questions

The Impossible Test CHRISTMAS is the Christmas edition of the old-school iOS and Android series The Impossible Test, and it comes back around every Christmas season to stump you with trick questions. You’ll do math, shake your phone, answer questions with questions, and more on your way to trying to get every answer right in […Read More]

BLEACH Mobile 3D: Character Upgrade Guide – Equipment, Magatama, Title, Moniker, Advance, Breakthrough, Skills, Quality, and more!

BLEACH Mobile 3D is a new mobile RPG for fans of the BLEACH franchise featuring Ichigo and a number of other characters from the anime, as they fight against a number of ghostly villains. You have a unique story that you can go through in the game, protecting people from monsters, collecting characters, and more. […Read More]