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Bacon’s Revenge – Best Weapon Guide, Tier List, and Best Loadout

Bacon’s Revenge, also known previously as Backpack Piggy, is a hit game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a pig who unleashes a nearly endless amount of weapons against slimes, and you can fill your backpack with weapons and upgrade them, earn gold coins and gems and other goodies, while opening chests and using weapon prayers to unlock rarer and more powerful weapons. You can even unlock more and more advanced challenges as you make your way farther into the game.

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There are a ton of different weapons that you can use in this game, each of which has their own unique advantages and disadvantages when it comes to fighting against the endless hordes of enemies that you have to defeat in order to be victorious. We’ll go over the best weapons, the best loadout, and a tier list that sorts weapons from best to worst.

Read on for a guide to the best weapons, a tier list of best weapons and skills, and the best loadout in Bacon’s Revenge!


Rake: The rake is by far the most overpowered weapon in the entire game, ONLY AFTER you pick up the power-up that allows the rake to pierce. If you don’t have it, then it’s the worst weapon, as it will only hit once and then disappear. If you do have it, then the rake will smash through multiple enemies, and hit each enemy about three times apiece, doing an absolutely astronomical amount of damage, and will be worth every bit of space in the backpack that it takes up.

Poison Dagger: Takes up two spaces and does low to moderate damage, with incremental damage dealt by the poison, which majorly multiplies the damage total taken by the enemy. Power-ups can cause a poison puddle to deal area damage, which puts this into the highest tier.


Shield: This takes up a lot of space, but the space it takes up is worth it as it adds to your armor, and can continue adding endlessly. Armor points take the place of health points until they run out, allowing this to augment your longevity significantly.

Poison Bottle: Takes up two spaces and does moderate damage, but the toxic effect does continuing damage to whatever enemy it hits, causing this to do super high damage when all is said and done.

Money bag: This is just a must so that you can add silver coins between rounds. Of course, this will let you refresh for the skills that you want, and the weapons that you want, without having to watch ad videos.

Boomerang: This weapon also inflicts significant area damage, although it only hits once, not three times. Still, it hits many enemies to do a large damage total, and while it takes up three spots, it’s easy to make other things work around it.

Gloves: This adds to your armor in order to augment your health and only takes up one spot, so you can flood your backpack with them and do rapid upgrades in order to skyrocket the damage that you can absorb.

Ninja Star: This does low to moderate damage, but the firing rate is very high, and it only takes up one spot, so it’s a great space-filler in your backpack to add more weapons.

Frost Staff: This does an astronomical amount of damage for only taking up two spaces. Plus, it has a chance to freeze enemies for a few seconds, which will stop their advance. Arguably the best of the two-space weapons.

Magic Hat: This one restores your health throughout the game. While it is extremely useful to have a healing device, it stops restoring health after your health is full (and then restarts when you take damage again), but it only takes up two spots, making it very efficient on space.

Handgun: This one has a very high firing rate and does moderate to high damage, and with a specific skill that you can find, it has an extremely high knock-back that can help you get an advantage against enemies.


Crossbow: Uses four spaces and deals fairly heavy damage to one enemy at a time with a chance for knockback.

Three-tiered Truncheon (AKA: Nunchaku): Uses four spaces and deals heavy damage to one enemy at a time.

Longsword: Takes up three spaces and does pure physical damage, one of your starter weapons and often still effective.


Bow and arrow: Takes up three vertical spaces, does very low damage, and doesn’t have a great firing rate or area damage. Hard to see what the point of this one is.

More weapons will be added as we continue to unlock them.

So what is the best loadout? Arguably, the best loadout is one involving as many rakes and poison daggers as possible. These weapons are so overpowered that your entire attack should center around it. When choosing between two common rakes and one rare rake, pick two common rakes, because more rakes = better.

Beyond the rakes, make sure to add armor with gloves and (if you want to use the space to do so), shields, so that both your health and your armor skyrocket. Magic hats are excellent for increasing and restoring your health, and ninja stars and poison bottles add heavy damage while taking up light backpack space.

Of course, money bags are a must, so that you can acquire more silver coins, refresh, and get your ideal list of skills, as well as add more squares to your backpack.