Snake Mania (Facebook Game) – Tips, Cheats, and High Score Strategy Guide

Snake Mania is a new Facebook Messenger instant game that’s similar to an ultra-fast, timed and competitive version of, except that it’s playable not only on Android and iOS but on your computer as well. Your goal in this game is to get the highest possible score in a limited amount of time, work […Read More]

Golden Boot – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Golden Boot is a new goal-kicking competition game for Facebook Messenger by the makers of Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager. Your goal in this game is to try to earn as many points as possible by kicking goals, either in a solo play or in a duel against a friend. You and your […Read More]

Dino Ballz – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Dino Ballz is a new game for Facebook Messenger that’s similar to a cross between Breakout and a bubble shooter, in that you shoot balls up in the air to hit blocks and drain their health. You can earn coins, fight against bosses, buy new balls and upgrades, and try to rack up the highest […Read More]

Basketball FRVR: Tips and Tricks Guide: How to get high scores and dominate your friends!

Basketball FRVR is a highly popular Facebook Messenger game that can be played on iOS, Android, desktop, and any platform that supports FBM. Your goal in this game is to shoot as many baskets in a row as possible, and to compete against your friends’ high scores. You can unlock new balls, shoot tougher and […Read More]

EverWing – Top 17 Tips, Cheats, Tricks, Glitches, and Strategies, Page 3

6) If you are playing on an older device with some lag, you can go to the options menu and set the graphics from hi-res to low-res. If you do this, then the graphics will be a little bit more blurry but the slowdown should stop. Unfortunately, this makes items a bit hard to make […Read More]

EverWing – Top 17 Tips, Cheats, Tricks, Glitches, and Strategies, Page 2

12) When you’re fighting against a raid boss, your main focus should be on avoiding EVERYTHING. That means watching out for the attacks that the bosses unleash, because they will throw down different attacks than what you might see in the standard single player mode. Play defensively in order to keep a good offense going, […Read More]

EverWing – Top 17 Tips, Cheats, Tricks, Glitches, and Strategies

EverWing is the first original smash hit game for the Facebook Messenger platform, meaning that it’s playable on iOS, Android, any other mobile platform with Messenger, or any touch-screen computer. Your goal is to blow away enemies and bosses using your fairies and dragons/sidekicks firepower, but most importantly, you can fight raid boss battles with […Read More]

EverWing: All Dragons Guide – How to get all of the common, rare, and legendary sidekicks

EverWing is an epically popular shooter that could take Facebook Messenger to the level of iOS and Android as a game platform. There are a lot of fairies in this game, but even more sidekicks – dragons that you can use as your left and right wing shooters in order to give you advantages and […Read More]

Everwing: Dragon Evolution and Zodiac Symbol Guide

Everwing is Facebook Messenger’s insanely popular bullet hell shooter game, which gives you fairies and sidekicks galore. Your dragons level up and can evolve numerous times, making them more and more powerful every time. Zodiac symbols might seem meaningless at first, but they play significantly into evolving your dragons in the most efficient way possible. […Read More]

EverWing – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 1

EverWing is a wildly popular new bullet-hell shooter for Facebook Messenger, which means that it can be played on any platform that can run FBM. Your goal is to collect fairies, dragons, coins and trophies, while going on raids with your friends and other Messenger groups in order to kill raid bosses and try to […Read More]