EverWing: All Dragons Guide – How to get all of the common, rare, and legendary sidekicks

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EverWing is an epically popular shooter that could take Facebook Messenger to the level of iOS and Android as a game platform. There are a lot of fairies in this game, but even more sidekicks – dragons that you can use as your left and right wing shooters in order to give you advantages and do a ton of damage. You can get rare, common, and even legendary dragons. Read on for some tips on how to get all of the dragons in EverWing!

The common dragons are very easy and cheap to get, but they are by no means worthless; in fact, they have the highest amount of pure firepower of any of the dragons, and, due to the availability, are the easiest to evolve. Bronze eggs cost way too much money for this purpose; stick to the common eggs and you’ll get more than enough commons for all of the evolutions that you want.

For the rare dragons, the bronze eggs might be the cheapest way to acquire them, but they have a horrible percentage of rare chances. Unfortunately, the other options (silver and gold) aren’t much better for the price. Nevertheless, if you have a lot of trophies to waste, the silver is the best way to do it, and silver rewards are very easy to earn from raid bosses. So play in raid boss battles, get to the silver x3 tier, and you’ll have all of the rares in very little time.

Legendary dragons are stupid expensive to purchase, but there’s strategies to maximize your yield. When you sell a dragon, sell it at level 29, not at level 30. At level 29, you will earn over 250,000 coins, allowing you to purchase loads of gold eggs. Each gold egg has a 12 percent chance of getting legendaries. Each legendary egg, which is a 2,500 trophy investment, has a guaranteed chance of a legendary. So opening more gold eggs means more legendaries, just based on the math of it, due to how many you get to open from the level 29 sale.

Participate in as many raid battles as you can with groups on FBM. You can find groups via sources such as Facebook’s Everwing groups. Try to join up with some people, or start additional groups with your friends, and shoot up as many raid bosses as possible to get maximum rewards for free.

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Sometimes a glitch will happen when you collect a raid boss reward. The way to activate the glitch is to close the game and FBM as a whole immediately after you open your last chest, without getting back to the main menu. If the glitch works (it tends to be random), then when you reopen FBM and EverWing, you will see the reward still active in your mail. Try it and if it works, spam it and you’ll be well on your way to earning four of every dragon in the game.

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