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Train Miner: Idle Railway Game – Walkthrough, Cheats, Hints, and Strategy Guide

Train Miner: Idle Railway Game is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to manage your own train, upgrade it in order to hold more cargo, go faster, be larger, and have greater attack power, into earn coins as fast as possible. You can cut through the landscape, expand, grow your tracks, and make it to the next world.

Continue reading for a collection of tips and cheats for Train Miner!

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This game features lots of advertisements, and as you play constantly it will constantly pop them up. You can purchase ad-free mode with a small purchase, but if you are completely broke and are sick of the ads interrupting you every minute and a half, then you can turn off the data on your phone or tablet, or set it to airplane mode in order to stop the advertisements from loading. The advertisements need to load, so this stops them in their tracks.

There are four different upgrades that you can make to your train. Add allows you to link another car to your train, merge allows you to combine train cars together for more damage and more coins, speed allows you to go faster around the track, and capacity increases the amount that you can carry before you have to stop and offload your cargo.

At first, you should upgrade all of these about equally, but eventually, upgrades will get really expensive really fast for both speed and capacity. The capacity upgrades are initially not worth it once they get expensive because they only add 10 to the amount of cargo that you can carry, but the speed upgrades are always worth it because they will allow you to cut through the land and pick up cargo at an extremely fast rate.

The capacity upgrades end up becoming worth it after you add and merge a massive amount amount of times. The more that you add and that you merge, the more car cargo you will pick up at the same time, often leaving your train completely full before you even get back to the station. This is when it’s best to start investing in your cargo capacity.

There are a number of advertisement video bonuses that you can take, and the number and variety continually increases as you get further into the game. These bonuses can be extremely effective, and are one reason to avoid turning off your data or going into airplane mode, even if the ads are annoying.

After you get rid of all of the land in a specific level, you will move onto the next level. When this happens, every single one of the upgrades on your train will reset. You have to start over again from scratch, but the new level will not only allow you to get back to your old level faster, but also make it quicker and easier to reach completely new levels with your train.