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Legend of Mushroom – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Legend of Mushroom is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms where you start off as a cute little mushroom character, unlock all sorts of equipment, grow stronger, gain power, and eventually evolve into a human. Your evolution is infinitely customizable, and you can load up on rare equipment ranging from rare to epic, legendary, mythical, immortal, supreme, and aurous. You can play in dungeons, daily events, and more.

Continue reading for a collection of tips and tricks for Legend of Mushroom!

As you rub the lamp you earn more equipment, and you have the option to sell weaker equipment and equipped the stronger stuff. Additionally, you gain experience each time that you rub the lamp, and when you gain enough experience, you will gain a level. The higher level, the higher the level of equipment that you will earn, making your equipment stronger and stronger.

Be sure to upgrade your magic lamp as often as you can. It takes a lot of coins and even more time in order to upgrade it, but you can skip the time by watching advertisement videos. You can get coins by selling equipment and collecting offline income.

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Equipment is only part of the equation; you can unlock skills throughout the game, and your skills can make or break a tough battle. Go to the store and use summons to unlock skills, then equip the best possible; repeat skills allow you to level up, so be sure to upgrade them as soon as possible.

To increase your likelihood of getting rare, epic, legendary, and mythic equipment, and higher, be sure to upgrade the magic lamp using the gold coins that you earn every time that you sell equipment. The magic lamp upgrade is expensive, and it takes a while unless you watch advertisement videos to skip the required time, but considering how strong rare equipment can be, the upgrades are worth it.

The further that you get into the game, the more different areas that you will unlock. You can unlock various dungeons, mine, prayer statue, parking wars, shroomie farm, and even more; simply continue upgrading your character, beating bosses, and advancing through levels in the main game.

Special events happen often that are added to the game by the developer and take place over a limited period of time. Be sure to engage with these special events every time, as far as you realistically can go with them, because these are some of the best sources of rare prizes and rewards.