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Earn To Die Rogue – How To Get Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic Equipment

Earn To Die Rogue is a new side-scrolling bullet hell roguelike shooter for the iOS and Android Platforms that serves as the sequel to the original Earn To Die, an old-school mobile gaming classic. This game is all about destroying zombies, both with your car and with your human character, while earning cash, gold, rare and epic equipment, car parts and new cars, and a whole lot more. You can make your way through increasingly more difficult levels, pick up power ups as you progress through the stages, and more.

Continue reading for a guide to earning rare, epic, legendary, and mythic equipment in Earn to Die Rogue!

Carmen and uncommon equipment are the two most common types, do you noted by a gray background and a green background. Rare equipment has a blue background, epic equipment has a purple background, legendary equipment has a gold background, and mythic equipment has a red background.

There are a few ways to get rare equipment. One such way is to open premium crates, which fairly commonly have rare equipment. You will also find this equipment sold individually as part of daily deals occasionally, and you can merge three pieces of identical uncommon equipment Together in order to earn a piece of rare equipment.

Additionally, sometimes, you can even earn rare equipment simply from playing regular game modes and beating bosses, as well as unlocking chests. Every so often you will also earn rare equipment by beating driving stages and earning rewards.

There are a few ways to get epic equipment, one being to open premium boxes. Premium boxes have a very slim chance of earning you epic equipment, but you are guaranteed one piece of epic equipment for every 10 premium boxes that you open.

Another way to get epic equipment is to merge three pieces of rare equipment together that are identical. Epic equipment very very rarely shows up in the daily deals, but it has a chance of showing up sometimes, although it will be extremely expensive to purchase.

Legendary equipment does not show up in any of the boxes, at least at the moment; it only shows up when you Merge three pieces of epic equipment that are identical together. Once you do that, then you will get your legendary equipment.

The same is true with mythic equipment. Once you have three identical pieces of legendary equipment, then you will be able to your first piece of equipment when this game was in beta, mythic equipment was unavailable even when you had the required amount of legendary equipment, although this has been fixed.

There is also the slim chance that you will be able to earn legendary or mythic equipment right away when the developers start adding limited time events to the game. When this happens, then participate in the events and try to finish in first place, or with as high of a rank as possible, for the best chance at earning legendary and mythic equipment.

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