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Earn To Die Rogue – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, And Strategy Guide

Earn To Die Rogue is a new side-scrolling bullet hell roguelike shooter for the iOS and Android Platforms that serves as the sequel to the original Earn To Die, an old-school mobile gaming classic. This game is all about destroying zombies, both with your car and with your human character, while earning cash, gold, rare and epic equipment, car parts and new cars, and a whole lot more. You can make your way through increasingly more difficult levels, pick up power ups as you progress through the stages, and more.

Continue reading for a collection of tips and cheats for Earn to Die Rogue!

Your goal in each level is to make it through all 30 rounds, and that involves staying alive for as long as possible. There are a ton of different power ups that you can collect, but the most effective ones generally involved doing more damage to the enemy, adding more shots to the Collection of shots that you already fire, and boosting your health. Some power ups might seem useless at first, but they become extremely useful when combined with others.

An example of the above is the basketball, which causes your shots to bounce off the walls. On its own, it’s almost useless, because your character aim automatically, but when combined with horizontal and vertical lasers or with the drill power up, Which causes your shots to pierce through enemies, it becomes extremely effective.

Arguably the best power up for punching above your weight is the tooth necklace, which adds to your attack power for every enemy that you knock off. Your attack power grows and grow and grow, and by the time you reach the end of the level, you’re doing an extreme amount of damage to enemies. The best loadout always includes the tooth necklace.

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You will be able to unlock better and better equipment as you go through the game. Your equipment tiers are common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic, and you can upgrade your equipment to the next rarity by merging three identical pieces of equipment together.

You can upgrade the level of your equipment by using cash and blueprints. Whenever you get an extra rare piece of equipment, you can get all of your cash and blueprints back by salvaging the old piece of equipment, which will knock it back down to level one. Be sure to salvage any piece of equipment that you aren’t currently using that is over level one.

Whenever you defeat bosses, you will unlock car parts, and after you unlock enough of them, you will unlock a new car. After you do that, you can then upgrade various functions including the engine, tires, suspension, drive, chassis, wait, and more. This will allow you to go farther, go faster, crash barriers more easily, and knockout more zombies. The driving levels will allow you to earn cash, gold, and more, and are absolutely free.

You earn silver keys and gold keys for beating minibosses and bosses; all that you have to do is open the chest that corresponds to the room that you have in between levels. Use the keys to unlock common and rare chests to earn as much equipment as possible. Even the common equipment is extremely useful, because it can lead to merging for equipment later on.

Be sure to take all of the advertisement video bonus offers that you can. You can watch three videos a day for free gold, three videos a day for free cash, you can watch videos for extra boosts and effects on every fifth room in each stage, and you can watch a video to revive with half of your health if you get knocked off.