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Earn To Die Rogue – Unlock All Vehicles!

Earn To Die Rogue is a new side-scrolling bullet hell roguelike shooter for the iOS and Android Platforms that serves as the sequel to the original Earn To Die, an old-school mobile gaming classic. This game is all about destroying zombies, both with your car and with your human character, while earning cash, gold, rare and epic equipment, car parts and new cars, and a whole lot more. You can make your way through increasingly more difficult levels, pick up power ups as you progress through the stages, and more.

There are many different types of vehicles that you can unlock in this game. These vehicles allow you to play in a special driving mini game where you can run over zombies and collect various types of currency. You can even earn rare weapons, blueprints, and a whole lot more.

Keep reading for a guide to unlocking all vehicles in Earn to Die Rogue!

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There are many different types of vehicles in this game. Predator is a 6 x 6 truck model off of a classic Ford super duty that you might remember using during the tutorial. Diesel is a classic muscle car that is based off of the 1960s Mustang. Taco Truck is, well, a taco truck.

Arctic Explorer is a massive off-road van that is modeled after vehicles that are used to explore both of heartache and Antarctica. hovercraft is a classic amphibious vehicle. Supercar is an exotic sports car based off of the classic Ford GT40. Crawler is a gigantic vehicle that appears to be based off of an old steam engine train locomotive.

The method to unlocking all of these vehicles is the same, which is to find more car parts, or vehicle parts. Each vehicle requires five specific vehicle parts in order to unlock, and when you unlock all of the parts for the vehicle in question, you will automatically unlock the vehicle.

Predator is a little bit different; you can use it in the tutorial, but it doesn’t appear that there is a way to unlock it afterwards maybe beat the final battle of the game either way, predator will stay locked, and it will tell you that it was “destroyed in the apocalypse“.

Crawler is another different one. Instead of saying that it’s locked and telling you to unlock it, it says “coming soon“. This basically means that it’s going to be added to the game whenever a new level is added to the game by the developers, but they haven’t gotten around to it yet. Additionally, Unique vehicles to be added to the game whenever they release a major update.

The method to earning each of these car parts is fairly simple and that is raiding buildings, and each stage is based in a different building. Beat the bosses of the levels, and you’re going to earn more car parts and be able to raid even more buildings in order to get car parts.

Once you earn a vehicle, you will be able to upgrade it by spending scrap metal, which can commonly be found in the driving stages and after beating bosses in the standard stages. You can upgrade the engine, chassis, fuel tank, suspension, wheels and tires, and a whole lot more. Each upgrade serves the same purpose, which is to help you go farther, faster, crash through objects with more momentum, earn more items, and run over more zombies.