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BangBang Survivor – Hacks, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

BangBang Survivor is a new idle shooting roguelike for the iOS and Android Platforms featuring you as a solo soldier, complete with a robot by your side who fires attacks as well. Your goal is to make it from level to level, upgrade your primary weapon and your power up weapons, earn coins and diamonds, and more.

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All of the shooting happens automatically, all that you have to do is choose power ups every time that you gain a level. Generally, your power will consist of a new weapon, an upgrade to a current weapon, or a stat boost. Your choice can have a mass on whether you win or lose a particular level.

Your main goal should be to increase your splash damage, because large crowd of zombies are your primary opponent, and bosses are few and far between. The armored vehicle is the best, especially number of upgrades, because you can end up with as many as five armored vehicles at a time running over lines of zombies. The best loadout is never complete without armed vehicles, with energy beams running a close second as far as the amount of splash damage that they do, although EM strikes are also very effective because they hit instantly and never miss.

Overall, though, arguably the most effective upgrade is to power up your primary weapon. Increase the amount of shots and the amount of damage that your gun does, make your bullets explode, make additional bullets fly off of it when it hits an enemy, increased the piercing ability of each of your bullets, and more, and you will end up being very successful.

If you don’t make it all the way through a particular level, you will still earn a rewards including gems that can be embedded in your equipment, new equipment with a higher rarity, upgrade materials for crafting your equipment, and more. Plus, you can earn gold, which is required when you want to upgrade what you have.

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You don’t have to worry about gems being lost if you change your equipment as your gems are tied to the slot, not to the piece of equipment itself. Equip every single one that you earn, but if you end up with no available spaces, and you need to get rid of a gem, then get rid of one of the lowest rarity.

Head over to the base in order to get rank bonuses, earn rewards for new zombies that you fight at the research lab, pick up food at the cafeteria, and more. The cafeteria is especially important, because food is the same as energy, and will allow you to play more rounds once you have run out of energy due to playing the game too much.

As you continue to make your way through the game you can unlock the inn, the fort, and a whole lot more. The inn will allow you to unlock new mercenaries, so that you can pick a different hero, and equip the best hero or best mercenary for your mission.

You can also earn new skills and skins for your mercenary. Each skin will give your mercenary a new type of boost that enhances a power up, while skills can differ completely from one to the other, and can consist of different attacks, statistical boosts, and more.