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BangBang Survivor – Skill Guide, Tier List, Best Loadout

BangBang Survivor is a popular idle shooting roguelike for the iOS and Android platforms featuring you as a solo soldier, complete with a robot by your side who fires attacks as well. Your goal is to make it from level to level, upgrade your primary weapon and your power up weapons, earn coins and diamonds, and more.

You have a number of different skills that you can pick up during battle that will enhance your ability to win. Some skills are far more useful than others, so we have created a tier list, a breakdown of the best loadout, and a guide to which ones are the best and why.

Continue reading for a guide to best skills, best loadout, tier list for BangBang Survivor!

D-Tier Skills:

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Aerial Bomb: This skill looks cool, but is almost functionally useless. The damage has a very very small area, making it extremely difficult to damage more than than one zombie at a time, and it’s not powerful enough to be worth it. The only advantage is that targets zombies close to the base.

C-tier Skills:

Dry Ice Bomb: shoots out and deals a decent amount of damage to a small area. The best feature is that at target zombies close to you and it fires very frequently.

Thermo Bomb: shoots out and deals a significant amount of area damage to the closest zombie. The area is a bit small but larger than the dry ice bomb, with a longer cool down time.

Electron Transition: Bounces from enemy to enemy, paralyzing them and damaging them. Extremely useful in the early rounds of a stage, completely useless in later rounds with larger crowds.

B-tier Skills:

EM Spike: Hits very frequently, does a good amount of splash damage to a small area, and tends to hit the closest zombies. Plus, upgrades can make this extremely effective by releasing more spikes, and it combines extremely well with the Guided Laser.

A-tier Skills:

Frost Generator: Hits less frequently that the EM spike can put it sticks around longer and does continue to damage. Upgrades can increase both the size, number, and frequency, which puts this skill very close to S-tier And makes it extremely overpowered.

Armored Vehicle: Tolls through the stage doing damage to an absolutely massive area of enemies, and can be upgraded for multiple vehicles and larger vehicles. The only reason it’s not ranked higher is because it doesn’t do any damage to flying zombies.

Energy Beam: Shooting in a straight line for a long amount of time, dealing damage to a huge number of enemies. The only knock on it is aiming, which is completely random.

Air Blade: A wave of air flies in a straight line, dealing high damage to a wave of enemies.

S-tier Skills:

Guided Laser: Targets one enemy at a time, typically the one closest to the base, or the boss, while also zapping any enemy that gets in the way, if there are any. This does massive amounts of very targeted damage, and with upgrades, knock off huge areas of zombies. The absolute best boss beater.

Cyclone Cannon: Sends a tornado spinning throughout the level, aiming randomly, dealing very large amounts of damage to a very large area. Can be upgraded to double in size and to stick around for twice as long at a time, and is by far the best area damage weapon in the entire game.

Unranked due to not being used yet: Fuel Bomb, Drone Attack.

So what’s the best overall loadout? Our favorite is Guided Laser, Cyclone Cannon, Dry Ice Bomb, and Armored Vehicle. For flying zombies, replace Armored Vehicle with Energy Beam. The name of the game is area damage, and these will maximize the amount of area damage that you can do.