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Geometry Tower: Idle Defense – Skill Guide, Tier List, Best Loadout

Geometry Tower: Idle Defense is a wildly popular roguelike tower defense game for the iOS and Android platforms where you fight against increasingly difficult groups of enemies while earning gyms, upgrading your weapons, unlocking and upgrading your skills, using chips to increase your attack power and your HP, and a whole lot more.

Skills, in particular, are the secondary weapons that are unlocked via power-up when you’re inside of the levels, And the right selection of skills and skill upgrades can make The difference between beating the final boss and losing halfway through.

Continue reading for a list of the best skills by tier, as well as a guide to the best loadout in Geometry Tower: Idle Defense!


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Sprinkler: This skill is not extremely useful either for area damage or for DPS, and is easily outclassed by basically every other skill in the entire game. It’s not completely useless, but it’s close.

Shotgun: This skill does a fair amount of damage, but not enough to justify it over other skills, and bullets do not pierce through enemies, making this skill almost useless when there are large crowds around.


Grenade: this skill has high damage and decent splash ability, allowing it to be a major area damage skill, but it gets downgraded due to the completely random of the grenades. Compared to the above skills, though, this is not a big deal.

EMP: this is an excellent skill for doing area damage, especially to large crowds of weaker enemies. The only downside of this is that there are no major upgrades that change the characteristics of the skill, and stronger enemies and not to be affected too much.


Laser: fires off a laser that has a super high DPS and hits everything in its path. There are upgrades to add additional lasers and additional refractions of the laser, as well as to increase the width of the beam, which turns this into a killer area damage attack. The only negative is no continuous damage.

ZapMaster: Lightning fines and damages the closest enemy, and then immediately zoom off to the next enemy as needed. Extremely useful early on, and certain upgrades can turn it into an excellent area damage attack by increasing the number of beams, the amount of bends, and allowing anybody in its path to take damage.


Fighter Jet: super high DPS and pretty good area damage. While the aim is random, upgrades allow the jet to fly in circles, turn the fighter into a bomber, give fighter planes a machine gun, increase the size of the fighters, and more. With the relevant upgrades, this skill is nearly invincible.

Out of all of these, the best loadout tends to be Fighter Jet, ZapMaster, and either EMP or Laser depending on the level. Be sure to complete proper upgrades throughout the stage in order to take full advantage of these skills.

Of course, we have to mention that some of the most powerful upgrades in the game have nothing to do with the skills and everything to do with the machine gun, which is the primary weapon. Kill boost is almost a guaranteed win on any level, especially if you collected early, because it boosts your attack power for every kill, so by the end of the level, you will be nearly invincible.

Many other upgrades for the machine gun exist, such as bouncing off walls, extra bullets, piercing, damage upgrades, and more. These upgrades are hugely important, especially for beating the bosses, and when you Fight the boss or clear out a bunch of space to shoot at the boss, these upgrades will be your best friend.