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Geometry Tower: Idle Defense – Best Hacks, Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Geometry Tower: Idle Defense is a new roguelike for the iOS and Android platforms where you control a gun tower that automatically shoots at enemies designed after geometric shapes. You have a machine gun to begin the game, and with various different skills, you can unlock a whole host of weapons, from fighter jets to grenades, while earning coins and gems, upgrading your tower with various chips, and making your way through various chapters and challenges.

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Although the skills are an extremely effective way to do heavy damage to large mobs and bosses, upgrading the machine gun is also extremely important. You can add damage, add bullets, add piercing effect, and even use the metal storm upgrades to multiply the firing speed. Putting a focus on the machine gun upgrades can make you nearly unbeatable.

As far as the main skills go, while it’s useful to fill out your entire maximum list of skills, of which you can hold for at a time per level, it’s often a better strategy to focus on maximizing one or two different skills. Doing multiple upgrades to a skill allows you to unlock more advanced upgrades that turn the vast majority of skills into unbeatable damage machines that cut through mobs very quickly.

Equip the maximum number of chips, and then focus on increasing the rarity of each chip, either by earning rarer chips in supply boxes or by merging existing chips together. Be sure to focus on the secondary skills that each chip has, though, because there are specific secondary skills that make a chip far more valuable than just the increase damage, and some more common chips can be even more valuable than rare chips due to their secondary skills.

Each day you can do six total quick raids in order to quickly earn blueprints and coins, as well as experience points. Three of them can be done for free, and three of them can be done by watching advertisement videos. Do as many quick raids as possible in order to speed up your player level, which will allow you to unlock more skills.

In general, giant mobs are more difficult to defeat than bosses are, but in this game, the bosses will appear simultaneously with giant mobs, increasing the challenge even further. Focus on doing the most area damage possible with the skills that you earn so that you only gain levels faster by defeating more enemies at the same time, But that it’s easier to clear a path to defeat the bosses.

Gems typically cost money, but there are two ways to earn tons of free ones. The first is to earn the third chapter chest in each chapter, which you do by defeating the level with 100% of your health intact, for 300 free gems. The second is to go to the chapter challenges, of which there are three per chapter, and defeat all three of them for each chapter. This will earn you 300 free gems apiece.

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When you know that a boss is about to show up, aim your machine gun upward in order to clear as much of a path as possible. Once the boss shows up, if you have successfully cleared the path, you will simply be able to aim straight at it and take it out quickly. This can allow you to win the battle very quickly, especially if you are fighting the final boss of the chapter. It’s not always possible to completely clear a path, especially with mobs moving sideways, but clear as much of a path as possible in order to make the boss fight quick.