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Guide to Outpost Defense for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Outpost Defense is another of the popular zombie tower defense games for the iPhone and other iOS systems. In this one you play a special forces soldier who uses a number of military weapons to kill the zombie soldiers that are coming toward you, almost like The Walking Dead, but in tower defense form. It can be a difficult game but there are ways to make it a little bit easier, and strategies that can make it a little bit easier. Read on for tips and tricks for Outpost Defense!

In each round that you play, the zombies will come at you in waves of between 2 and 5 at a time. You have a limited number of rounds that you can fire off before you have to reload. After you kill all of the zombies on screen, tap the weapon square to reload it early before more zombies start to come. If you get stuck reloading when more zombies come, you’ll usually end up with them at your outpost before you can kill them all again.

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The .308 hunter is the first extra weapon that you can get, but compared to the pistol, it’s rather unnecessary considering the small size of the clip relative to the damage that it actually does. Don’t bother spending your coins on it. Instead, save the coins for defenses such as bunkers, wires, mines and garrison, which can greatly make rounds easier.

Grenades and other skills also make things much easier. You need to equip them after you buy them, though, by going to the character box, then the skill box, then equip whatever skill it is that you just purchased.

Aim for the head if at all possible, because if you shoot the zombies in the head, you can kill them in half the time. The chest is the second quickest way to kill them, while the legs and stomach are the long way.