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Toy Defense 2 Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Toy Defense 2 is the sequel to the original smash hit tower defense game Toy Defense. It takes all that made the first game good, and improves upon it, and amazingly, unlike a lot of other tower defense apps, it’s (currently) free in the app store! Your goal is to progress from stage to stage, defending your home base from the enemy toy soldiers who are trying to destroy it, trying to earn three medals per stage, and stars in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Toy Defense 2!

The game starts out paused right before the beginning of each stage. The first two waves, no matter which stage, are usually the opposing team’s infantry. Station your riflemen along as many routes as possible, and try to fill all of the light colored dots (the “riflemen only” dots) as quickly as possible as you rack up money during the game. Upgrade them, too.

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Once the tanks, other vehicles, or planes start coming, if your riflemen aren’t draining their energy quickly enough, build your artillery to take out the vehicles, and either the interceptor planes (these are preferred) or the ack-acks to take them out. If you don’t have enough cash by the time they start coming, sell some of your infantry until you rack up the cash. Pause the game so that you can do this in enough time to kill them all and still finish with 100 health.

Didn’t earn 100 medals the first time, but you continued onto the next stage? Use the stars that you earn to upgrade your troops (especially the riflemen), then go back to the old stages and use your learned strategies, and your more powerful troops, to get an easy 3 medals. Three medals requires having 100 health left over at the end of the level, and the more medals, you earn, the more stars – three medals is 100 stars.

Save different troops depending on what stage you’re on, and which troops that you know you’ll need. They are cheaper to place than new troops are, so your best bet is to save artillery or planes, but if you are coming up on a stage with mostly planes, saving two intercepters can be the best strategy.

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