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Puzzle Trooper: How to get more Bloody Diamonds and Thank You Rocks

Puzzle Trooper, by Kabam and Gumi, is an extremely whimsical and jokey take on the puzzle/card battler frankengenre, and just like the soldiers in the game, the currencies have rather odd names. There are three currencies in the game. Two of these are Bloody Diamonds, which are the premium currency, and Thank You Rocks, which […Read More]

Madden NFL 25 (iOS/Android) Tip 10 Tips, Cheats and Tricks

Madden NFL 25 is the series’ first freemium entry on the iOS and Android platforms. Much effort has been put in to make it as close to the console experience as possible, yet other mainstays of mobile games, such as an energy system and card collection elements, have made their way in as well. This […Read More]

Puzzle Trooper Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Puzzle Trooper is a new game by Kabam, with similar gameplay to Puzzle & Dragons, but a whole lot funnier. You play as the commander of either the Iron Bulls, Green Gorillas or Aqua Marines, and your goal is to quest throughout a number of lands in order to fight and defeat E.V.I.L. or the […Read More]