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Puzzle Trooper: How to get more Bloody Diamonds and Thank You Rocks

Puzzle Trooper, by Kabam and Gumi, is an extremely whimsical and jokey take on the puzzle/card battler frankengenre, and just like the soldiers in the game, the currencies have rather odd names. There are three currencies in the game. Two of these are Bloody Diamonds, which are the premium currency, and Thank You Rocks, which are the social currency. Both of these are used for airdrops, but only the Bloody Diamonds can buy the awesome airdrops. Here’s how to get more of both of them!

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Getting more Thank You Rocks is a fairly simply proposition. You can get Thank You Rocks as a daily login bonus from the game, so even on days that you do not play, log into the game and then log right back out and you’ll get a few of them. Some days, though, you’ll get a different prize, such as Evolution Material.

Plus, the main way to get more Thank You Rocks is simply to use friends’ and strangers’ team leaders in battle. If you use a friend’s leader, you’ll get 10 Thank You Rocks, and if you use a stranger’s team leader, you get five Thank You Rocks. Plus, you can buy more Thank You Rocks in the store if you’re willing to spend Bloody Diamonds for them.

Finally, you’ll earn Thank You Rocks every time someone else uses your leader in battle. Maximize the level of your leader to make them instantly attractive as a sixth member of anyone’s battle party.

Bloody Diamonds are mainly purchased in the store using real life money; however, you can get them for free in a few different ways. The best way is to refer someone else to the game. They have to enter your referral code when they begin play. Then, they have play until they hit rank 20. Once they do that, you will earn 50 free Bloody Diamonds.

Plus, when you complete an entire mission area, you’ll earn Bloody Diamonds as a reward from the achievements screen. Look for other achievements to pop up as well, both for entire mission areas, or as part of something else, such as an event or special stages.

Additionally, each time that you rank up, you’ll also earn a free gift of Bloody Diamonds. Finally, you’ll get some free Bloody Diamonds as a login bonus for the seventh straight day logging into the game.