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Civilization: Rise of Empire – List of Gift Codes, Redeem Codes, and CDKeys and How To Find More Of Them

Civilization: Rise of Empire is a new MMO strategy game that puts you in charge of building an empire, fighting other players’ empires, and becoming the most powerful player on the server. You can collect food, gold, wood, ore, and the premium currency of the game, gems, while constantly adding to your power. One way […Read More]

Monkeynauts: Merge Monkeys – List of Safe Codes and How To Get More

Monkeynauts is a new idle merging game for the iOS and have android platforms. You run a space station full of monkey astronauts, and when you merge monkeys together, you can evolve them even further into more lucrative monkey astronauts. Throughout the game you can earn a significant amount of coins, gems, and other goodies, […Read More]

Genius Challenges: Genius or Not? All Answers and Solutions to All Levels, Stages, and Questions

Level 0: To put everything into the basket, put literally everything, including the question itself, in the basket. Level 1: To tap the yellow shield three times, slow down and watch for the shield to move after each tap so that you don’t mistap. Level 2: Swipe left to unlock the screen, despite the track […Read More]