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Fishing Frenzy: Idle Hooked Inc – Best Hacks, Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Fishing Frenzy: Idle Hooked Inc is a new Android and iOS idle game where you and your crew of fisherman move from coast to coast, from area to area, and try to catch everything that is out there, while collecting gems, pearls, cash, and a whole lot more. You can earn rare, epic, and outstanding equipment, unlock new fish and fish card collections, purchased new boosts and bonuses, use pearls to upgrade your equipment, and load up on off-line income.

Continue reading for a collection of tips and cheats for Fishing Frenzy: Idle Hooked Inc!

Your goal should be to initially fill your equipment slots as quickly as possible, using the daily deals in the store if you have to, because sometimes the right piece of equipment won’t appear in the ad box or the small boxes.

After you do this, your next step is to earn pearls by playing the fishing mini-game or trawling, which can then be used to upgrade each individual piece of equipment and add to both the power and the income multiplier. Upgrades can be reversed at any time, so you won’t have to worry about your pearls being stuck in equipment that you no longer use.

There are tons of things that you can tap in order to earn more cash. Tap on the random models that float in the water in order to earn instant free cash. Tap the treasure chest full of coins in order to get an offer to watch an advertisement video in exchange for a massive amount of free cash. Tap the unicorn for a specific, lucrative in app purchase offer.

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You can watch advertisement videos for free equipment, which is fairly self-explanatory as it increases your statistics, but you can also watch for free fish cards. Fish cards allow you to complete card collections, and once you complete a card collection, you will be eligible to collect a specific prize that is given solely for that collection.

The wisest use of your gems is to save up 300 of them and spend them on a big box. Each box will only give you one piece of equipment, even the big box, but the big box is far more likely to be a rare piece of equipment, and rare equipment, such as blue and purple and beyond, is infinitely more valuable than common equipment, such as gray and green equipment.

Once you have three identical pieces of equipment of the same rarity, you will be able to merge them together. Merging them together moves them to the next highest rarity, making them far more effective, both as far as earning money and as far as gaining fishing power.

The More frequently that you collect ad video chats, the higher the level of the ad box w.ill go. When you level it up, this increases your chances of getting better equipment, with the maximum level being level 10. At the maximum levels, you even have a shot at earning purple equipment, which is legendary equipment.