Idle Fishing: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Idle Fishing is a new idle game for the iOS and Android platforms where your fisherman and his cohorts catch fish automatically, you reap the rewards, and you can upgrade yourself, your other fishers, your equipment, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Fishing!

Your main two upgrades are to your rod and your bait. When you tap, your character has a percentage of a chance to catch a fish; upgrading the rod increases that chance, so that a higher percentage of your taps are worth something. Upgrading the bait increases the value of each fish that you catch. Keep both of these upgrades strong so that you can tap and earn massive amounts of fish.

You don’t collect your money automatically; you have to tap the collect button at the top right corner of the screen in order to bank the cash. Wait as long as you can to collect the money, then when you tap collect, watch an ad video so that you can instantly double the money. Do the same thing whenever you come back from a long period of being offline.

Hit the boosts area to watch ad videos for a whole wide range of boosts, such as double speed for twenty minutes, or auto-tapping for two minutes.

Hit the missions/quests area to earn the rewards for completing various quests, which include the aforementioned boosts. Look for flying boosts to appear that you can tap as well, in order to earn even greater bonuses.

Once you make it far enough into the game and unlock a large enough number of new fishermen, you’ll be able to prestige. Go to the prestige tab to make this happen. Purchase any one of the available prestige options to add a permanent multiplier to your fishing.

On rare occasions, you will be able to skip over a prestige and unlock enough new fishermen for the next one up, but for the most part, prestige when you can. Once you do, you’ll start back over from the beginning, but you will also be able to make it back to where you were a whole lot quicker, due to the added multiplier from your new prestige.

Each of your fishermen catches fish with a certain amount of worth, irrespective of which bait you’ve unlocked. Generally, your earlier fishermen are worth a whole lot of nothing, while your more recent fishermen are worth a treasure trove of money. Keep the latest ones upgraded until you have enough money to hire the latest brand new one; always be looking to add a brand new fisherman to the mix.

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