Idle Grass Cut: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Idle Grass Cut is a new idle mobile game where you and your bots mow down the grass in a level as quickly as possible. With that grass comes money that you earn, and you can purchase upgrades to increase the grass that you mow down and the money that you earn. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, strategies, and tricks for Idle Grass Cut!

You have two different ways to collect the grass in this game. One is the drone that bounces back and forth automatically and cuts down any grass in its path, while another is to slice the grass yourself. To do this, swipe your finger around the grass that you want to cut.

The growth rate is important especially if you are an active player, so use the grass growth rate upgrade to keep up so that you can legitimately earn more money from swiping around your grass area often. For all situations, though, upgrade your marketing and every bit of grass will sell for far more money, with the money per upgrade increasing exponentially with each upgrade that you purchase.

Tap on the various upgrades that you see appear around the stage. The main one is the flying dollar sign; you can either earn a lot of money at once, or watch an ad video to earn 5x what you would have earned anyways.

In fact, take every ad video opportunity that comes up. With each one that you watch, you’ll earn anywhere between three times and five times the amount of money that you would have earned otherwise without watching the ad video. And the involuntary ads show up more often as you go on, so you might as well watch the whole video and earn from it.

Scroll to the right on the upgrade page. You won’t notice the extra drone upgrades if you don’t do this, but you can buy more drones and speed them up by upgrading them after you buy them. Load up on as many drones as you can to maximize both the income and the speed with which you level up your other upgrades and your own character.

Once you hit level 50, you’ll be able to upgrade your grass itself, first with the sapphire field, then with other future grass upgrades. Buying a new type of grass will start you over from the beginning, but due to the universal multiplier, you will get back to where you were far more quickly than you did the last time through. Just be sure to hit level up as soon as you can every time.

When you level up, it’s not always worth it to level up and hit the ad video. During the latest level up, of course it is, but if you have already prestiged and are going back through the game again, don’t even bother with it. There’s not a lot of point to it after that.

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