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Jurassic Park Builder for iPhone: How to get more ambers and dinosaurs

One of the great things about Jurassic Park Builder for the iPhone is the sheer quantity of dinosaurs you can have in your park. The types of dinosaurs available to you are nearly unlimited. Of course, the main problem is, you can only have one of each dinosaur, so there is a limit to the amount you can attain, but only on a temporary basis. You need ambers to get dinosaurs, but how do you get them? Read on to find out!

As has been established, the way to get more dinosaurs is to get more ambers. The way to get ambers is to expand into a new square of land. Tap on a new area that you have not already expanded to yet. It will either cost bucks or coins for you to get. If it costs bucks, then that means you haven’t yet completed enough missions. Complete a few more missions, and it will change so that it costs coins instead of bucks.

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Next, after you expand into this area of land, wait for it to finish getting cleared, and then it will be full of dead grass, rocks and other obstacles. Tap each of these obstacles and tap the Remove button to begin removing them. One of these obstacles will contain an amber (usually the dead grass which thankfully is the cheapest to remove).

Next, go back to the research facility and start researching your amber. Tap the research button until the entire strand of DNA is decoded. Once it is, you will be able to go to the store, go to the dinosaur section of the store, and the new dinosaur will be available to you to buy. Buy the new dino and place it in your park.

There are also premium dinos that you can buy with bucks. Save up your bucks in order to buy them, because they can be quite expensive.

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