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Jurassic World: Alive – Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Jurassic World: Alive is a new GPS-based game for the iOS and Android platforms, joining the likes of Ingress, Pokemon Go and Draconius Go as one of the only ones on both app stores. Your goal in this game is to hunt dinosaurs for their DNA, user their DNA to unlock and upgrade dinosaurs, and then battle them. You can earn cash and gold coins, find up to 100 dinosaurs, and build teams with rare and epic Dinos including the famous Indominus Rex. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jurassic World: Alive!

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Your main method of earning dinosaur DNA is to wander the map, look for dinosaurs, then send a drone after them and have the drone shoot them. Hit the bullseye and you’ll earn the maximum possible DNA from the shot. Hit another part of the target and you’ll earn 1/3 to 1/2 of the DNA that you would from a bullseye. The dinosaurs respawn frequently on the map so keep checking back with the same places.

Supply drops are not required for catching dinosaurs unlike with games such as Pokemon GO, but they are useful in collecting coins and experience points. To spin a supply drop, walk up to it (or approach it in some other way, such as biking, or driving and parking near it) and spin it. You’ll typically earn coins and experience points, with the chance to earn cash as well.

Cash is the premium currency of the game and is typically purchased, but using the extensive TapJoy offer wall, you can earn lots of it for completing free or non-free offers. Many of the most lucrative free offers involve downloading other games and completing an achievement (Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire can earn you over $150 worth of free cash in all).

While downtown areas are typically great places to hunt and to find supplies, they aren’t the only places that are full of dinosaurs in this game. Supply drops are not based on landmarks, but are placed randomly around various streets and other places, so if you are a rural or suburban player, you will have just as much of a chance of finding something as urban players do.

Shoot for a dinosaur that you see even if you already have it. More DNA means more evolving, and when you evolve a dinosaur, its statistics and its special attacks will power up. Sometimes, your commons can even become more powerful than your rares by evolving smartly.