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Jurassic Park Builder iPhone Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Jurassic Park Builder is a brand new game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch based off of the smash hit Jurassic Park movie franchise. This game brings back many of your old favorite characters from the first movie (making it the most long overdue movie tie in of all time) into a new zoo builder game with a dinosaur theme. Your goal is to build your very own jurassic park, and transform it from a tiny little park to one rivaling even the Isla Nublar facility from the first movie. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jurassic Park Builder!

Early on in the game when you are completing the tutorial, and the game prompts you to build ten roads, decide VERY CAREFULLY where you want to put those roads, because the game will not let you take back your decision later. Zoom in if you have to in order to get a more accurate read of where you want your roads.

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When you are deciding where to put your decorations, keep in mind which dinosaur pens can hold the highest amount of coins without being collected from. Ideally, you should place loads of decorations in the center of all of your cages, and organize your cages around them so that many of them get a money bonus. But if you are going to put decorations around any one of the cages, put them around the Pteranodon cage.

Some actions are extremely expensive to do, so much so that even though they are doable early on in the game, they aren’t worth it until later. This includes actions such as upgrading your meat harbor and your crop harbor (which aren’t even worth it for the missions that they complete) and evolving one of your dinosaurs past level 10. The research involved in evolving a dinosaur costs thousands and thousands of coins but it’s not recommended unless you’re evolving the Pteranodon.

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