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Jurassic Park Builder for iPhone: Get more Coins and Bucks

In Jurassic Park Builder for the iPhone, coins and bucks are the two main forms of currency in the game. Coins are the main form of currency, and most of what you can buy in the game can be purchased with coins. These are what drive the game forward at its normal pace. Bucks, on the other hand, are the premium currency, and they are few and far between, but they make the game go by so much faster, as well as allowing you to buy premium dinosaurs. Read on to find out how to get more of both for free!

To get more coins, obviously, you have to collect from the dinosaur cages. I’m sure that’s fairly obvious if you have played this for any length of time, but there are ways to get even more and more coins. The first is to surround your dinosaur cages with decorations. If you do this, then it is recommended to surround your highest-earning, highest-collecting cages, such as the Baryonyx and the Pteradon, with decorations first and foremost. Better yet, try to have multiple cages touching decorations.

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Build loads and loads of buildings in order to earn lots of coins, too. Unlike dino cages, buildings can be added in unlimited numbers, so flood your Jurassic Park with buildings and then collect from them regularly to earn a lot of extra coins.

There are two main ways to get free bucks. One of these ways is to gain levels. Each time you gain an experience level, you will earn two free bucks, which, when you add them all up, is not a bad number of bucks to gain. Save your bucks from experience level to experience level, and resist the temptation to spend them on speed-ups.

Another method is to complete missions as swiftly as possible. Many of the missions that you will have available to you will earn you free bucks as an award. Even some of the easy missions can get you the big rewards.

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